Ads have been a big part of our 2016. They’ve literally reflected on every aspect whether economic, social or environmental. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the ads that went viral this year:

El Dondoo

We just can’t discuss this year’s ads without bringing up Juhainah’s “El-Dondoo”. It’s true that a lot of people found it offensive, but ironically enough others found it funny and out of the box. We personally believe it was a disgrace to all babies around the world.

“El Keika ya Baba”

We only got one word for this ad: KILL ME! KILL. ME. RIGHT. NOW. Thanks to that young kid and the brilliant creative director who came up with the idea of this ad, we’re freaking scarred for life that I don’t think we will ever be able to eat cake again.

7ala2 El-7aga Zeinab

If you don’t think that Egypt has hit rock bottom, watch this ad and think again. Apparently, according to this ad, we are so poor that we are actually at a point where we have to make an old poor woman sell the only worthy thing she owns to help the country get back on its feet. 7ala2 El-7aga Zeinab ladies and gentlemen, boosting nations’ economies everywhere.

Kol Wa7ed lee A3da, Cottonil

Remember the “A3da malhash talata lazma”, this is how we feel about this ad. Seriously, ad maloosh talata lazma, and we don’t even believe that it’s worth a comment.

El 3eila El-Kebeera

This one we honestly liked, and we believe that most people did. There might have been a lot of controversy about what Sherin was saying, but nevertheless it was a good one and it filled our hearts with joy.

Ersem Alb

Ok, this is officially our favorite ad for this year. It made our hearts melt, and we swear that at the end of the video, we felt like standing up and giving Magdy Yacoub a big round of applause ourselves.

“3odet El-Khawaga”


Finally, an ad touched down on a problem that most Egyptians have. It’s true that we fantasize about everything that’s Western and it was about time someone did something about it.

El-7al 3and Khalo

The kind of ad that makes you literally hate your uncle. It’s just poor everything; poor direction, poor idea and poor acting. It’s a cheap cheap ad and we hate it.

“El-Akl Wala El-Ta3leem”

The reason that this is even considered a valid question is BEYOND me! Are we really in a position where we have to choose between two of what is considered our basic human rights?

“Geel beykamel Geel”

We know lots of people have some reservations about the pictures in this ad that went viral over the past two weeks, but this video is just flawless and it highlights the concept of how one generation takes over from the one before perfectly. It leaves you with teary hopeful eyes.

We hope you enjoyed this walk through 2016’s ads. And if you think we missed a few, feel free to tell us in the comments below 😉