Harassment. A word capable of breaking our hearts and changing our our perspective on life forever. An action that could damage us in many more ways than anything else we’ve ever experienced before. An issue that is most prevalent in our Egypt today, yet no one seems to be doing anything about it.
#أول_محاولة_تحرش_كان_عمري is a hashtag that speaks a thousand words. One that voices a million stories. A hashtag that makes us question society as we know it. A cruel hashtag caused by an even more cruel world. A hashtag that exposes the misery millions of us suffered through. A hashtag that proves that there is no justification for harassment. Read the stories of the brave people below, and tell me what is harassment really for?

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Finally, I tried to find the right words to conclude this article, but the truth is that there are just no words.


  • Lana S. Soufi

    First off, you call it “horrific” and it is, but is that the kind of attitude you would have when trying to support/comfort someone who you personally know got harassed or assaulted? The enlightened and conscientious reaction would not be of shock and fear (that sells clicks as it draws in people with that apocalyptic language), but of condemnation, solidarity, support and empowerment. Fear language is not empowering. That’s my own constructive criticism of this piece. Consider it or ignore it at your will. Just a thought.

    Secondly, isn’t it bigoted to report on this for public awareness and for the progression of the feminist cause supposedly that you’re claiming to support WHILE ALSO ignoring the will of these girls whether they agree to be featured in this article or not? Did you get back to each and every one of them and receive releases from them?? Why must this Nour person assume executive authority on how to handle these stories? Where is the ethics in all this? It’s obvious that this is click bait- you don’t seem to care about the feminist cause or femmes being exploited rather just creating and spreading content about it, which for a lifestyle online magazine is what you fucking make money off of producing. So essentially you’re making money off of rape culture. When people hope to earn an honest living – this kind of irresponsibility and lack of ethics goes against that aspiration. This is an abuse of these women’s rights and privacy. You show no journalistic ethics and really anywhere else in the world you would get shut down and sued dry.

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