No one can deny that social media has concurred our lives. You probably go through the typical Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp tour before even brushing your teeth. So to make it even better, here are 10 Instagram accounts you must follow for a brighter and a more motivational day. 

1- @femalecollective

instagram-account-1For daily life advice and motivation to help you get up and remember what you’re fighting for.

2- @mikeelissa – Mike


Not your usual account, because you actually have to stalk it to understand. His art is composed to be seen on his page itself, rather than for you to stumble upon as you scroll down your feed. You have to actually open his account to appreciate it!

3- @thednalife


Submissions by artists from all over the world with each artist’s background in the caption. And if you were that impressed with their art, their page is available for you as well.

4- @ratedmodernart


Another platform for great art display.

5- @beyakhalifa


A curious young Egyptian artist with a different view of collages and the world as well.

6- @raw__image – Omar Seddik


Enjoying his life abroad, Omar decided to give us a view of the world through his lens.

7- @aiyanasloft – Manar Al Sharkawi


When dentistry doesn’t stop you from pursuing your passion. Manar’s aztec prints can cover anything you want for some joyous vibes.

8- @n.y.designs – Nadim Youssef


Reaching a therapeutic land, Nadim’s drawings express anything you might have ever felt as he has an eye for every detail.

9- @farahnofal_ – Farah Nofal


Becoming a BeFit coach and then a certified yoga instructor, Farah’s account makes you wanna get up in the morning and embrace the world around you through your body.

[email protected]curlytalks – Dina Ghalwash


Not your typical beauty account, Dina goes with you step by step to care for your curly hair using Egyptian products and tells you where to find them too.

Follow these accounts simply for your peace of mind and motivation. Something to get out of bed for.