Our minds like to be challenged to make sense of the world around us, so when we are faced with optical illusions, that’s when the fun part starts.

Below are 10 optical illusions that will make your mind get a little out of control and start to see things…literally:

1. Black On White 

Don’t let this one creep you out! Focus on the center of the image for about 30 seconds, and then look away preferably at a white surface (sometimes the ceiling works). What do you see? Keep blinking.

2. Do You See What I See? 

Scientists believe that color perception may not be predetermined like many have believed for hundreds of years. This one drove all of us crazy here at the office. Some say the jacket is ‘Black & Brown’, some say ‘Green & Gold’, while others are convinced it’s ‘Blue & White’. So what do you see? Ask the person next to you and you might be surprised by their answer.

3. Where Is My Phone? 

The challenge is to find the cellphone hidden in the picture. It may drive you nuts, but you won’t be able to look away until you locate it.


It drove you nuts? OK, we’ll spoil it for you. Look at the right leg of the small table, and look just to its right. You’ll see the stripe in the carpet change from gray with black-and-white flowers to solid black with only white flowers. That’s the floral pattern of the cellphone’s case, recognize the phone shape?

4. Now You See Me, Now You Don’t 

No, this is not a GIF. This is in fact just a picture, yet somehow black dots appear and disappear at the intersections of the gray lines. Interestingly enough, if you lean your head at a 45 degree angle the effect is reduced.


5. Where Are You Going Pussy Cat?


Can’t figure it out? That’s alright, you will solve the next one. The cat is going down.

6. The Same But Yet Different

The bottom figure appears to be larger, right? Illusion my friend. They are both the same size. This is because the shorter edge of “A” is directly adjacent to the longer edge of “B”.

7. The Moving Rings

If you stare at the dot in the center and move your head away from the screen, the rings will start to rotate. Now gradually get closer again…they change direction!


8. The Closer You Look The Less You See

What do you see inside the red circle?


This is a hula hoop. Got you!

9. The Lying Wall 

There’s something else in the photo besides the brick wall. And once you figure it out, you won’t be able to un-see it.


Focus on the middle of the picture, there is a cigar coming out of the wall.

10. Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Yes, the leaning tower of Pisa does actually lean, but these two pictures are actually one and the same. The one on the right appears to be leaning away from the one on the left, right? This is only in your head, optical illusions!