Take a trip down memory lane and relive those old school memories with friends and family by visiting these places you once went to on a school trip:

1. The Egyptian Museum

Even though at the time it might have seemed like the longest trip ever and all you wanted to do was see the mummies, if you go as an adult it really is a much more interesting experience. Call us nerds, but we really wanted to learn everything about all the antiquities when we visited recently.


2. The Pyramids of Giza

It’s actually quite shameful that so many Egyptians have only visited the pyramids once or twice in their lifetimes when they went with school. We also need to help revive tourism in Egypt!


3. Giza Zoo

Even though there were so many more animals back in the day, you still have to admit going back to the zoo brings everyone, whatever age, a warm fuzzy feeling on the inside.


4. The Pharanoic Village

You’re not Egyptian unless you went to the pharaonic village as a kid and took that embarrassing picture dressed as a Pharoah King/Queen. I think it’s about time we all took a post-puberty version of that picture! And the boat ride isn’t too shabby!


5. Dream Park/Wonderland/Sindbad/Giro Land/Aqua Park

They’re no Disneyland, but with the right group of friends or family, it could be one memorable day! Endless amounts of theme parks that you probably visited as a kid with school are waiting for you to make new memories and walk down memory lane.


6. Madinet el Intag el E3lami

Even though this place might have lost its touch, this trip is bound to bring back so many happy childhood memories. Why not take an old school friend and go check it out?!


7. 57357 Hospital

I remember all the girls getting super emotional on this trip and all the guys’ trying so hard to hold back the tears. Everyone wanted to sign up to volunteer so bad but you had to be 21 years old to volunteer properly. Well, guess what, now you could actually volunteer, if you’ve passed the age!


8. Mat7af El Tefl

This is the cutest place honestly and you do end up learning a lot. I went like 11 years ago and I still remember so much about the human body from that trip. Refresh your general knowledge at the Child Museum (which has now been renovated and updated), you never know when it might come in handy!


9. 6th of October Panorama

This place is too underrated! The old planes and tanks are super bad ass. If you feel like you’ve been lacking some nationalism, this place will truly make you appreciate Egypt and its beautiful history.


10. Salah El Din Al Ayouby Citadel

Al Qal3a never dissapoints – and you will appreciate it so much more if you haven’t been since you were a kid. Make a day out of it with your friends and have a cute picnic by the beautiful view of old Cairo. Also if you’re into photography or drawing, this is the perfect place to find inspiration.