Ah motherhood. We love it, we really do. But we all have those days where we just feel like pulling our hair out. Kids have a way to bring out the worst and best of us. And sometimes they make us say the weirdest things. 

1. Don’t put food in your nose!

I don’t know how many times I had to fish out random pieces of food from my daughter’s nose. Why does she stuff food in there in the first place? I’ll never know.

2. Don’t drink your bath water!

My daughter has this habit of sometimes wanting to drink her bath water which is usually full of soap for bubbles. Imagine your kids doing that when they’re not even potty trained yet. Moms, you get the picture.

3. No mayenfa3sh telbesy el 2esdal w tenamy!

I actually lost the argument here. She ended sleeping in it and I had to undress her when she was fast asleep.

4. No, we can’t take the coloring book into the bathtub!

Why she suddenly wants to color while bathing? No idea.

5. No, you can’t lick the floor!

Seriously, no comment.

6. No, you can’t color your hair with ice-cream!

I have to admit, the ice-cream was very colorful and it would look as good as a hair color.

7. I have to wipe your butt!

Why is it that no kid wants their butts wiped?!

8. Please take your feet out of my underwear!

My daughter has this habit of slipping her feet into my pants and underwear when we sleep. I have no idea when or why she picked this up.

9. Please stop body-sweeping the mall floor!

We’ve all been there, our little ones lie down on their stomachs and just drag their bodies all over the floor. No matter where they are. I seriously just stopped trying.

10. And the ever so famous: Because I said so!

I always told myself that I’d never ever say that when I have kids. That was before my parent-self had a little talk with my pre-parent self and they decided otherwise.

Tell us things you’ve said as a parent that you thought you’d never say!