By: Mostafa Hisham

On Wednesday May 17th 2017, Zamalek will witness a very important cultural event where Minister of Culture, Dr. Fathy El Nimnim and Dr. Khaled Sorour, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Helwan University will be attending the official inauguration of the newly renovated Zamalek Art Complex- Aisha Fahmy Palace. The event will also be attended by a number of ministry of culture officials, elites from various artistic and literary fields as well as public and diplomatic figures.

The opening ceremony will coincide with a large art exhibition entitled “From the Treasures of Our Museums”, which includes a very special collection from Egypt’s most important art collections. The exhibition presents an opportunity for artists, critics and the public to learn about the huge artistic heritage in Egypt’s museums. It will last for almost three months in the halls of the complex situated on the Zamalek Corniche.

The palace was founded in 1908
 by Khedive Abbas Helmy and designed by Antonio Lasciac. Its total area covers over 2,700 square meters including 30 rooms, two large halls, a basement and a roof, all richly ornamented. The palace was the residence of Ali Fahmy, the head of the army during King Fouad’s reign.

This is just a glimpse of how the restoration work has given life to the amazing interior of the palace and the artwork that presents more than one culture. For a renovation project that cost LE30 million (approximately 4 million USD), we hope it comes back to be a hub where viewers will acquire access to two main display locations: one dedicated to renowned Egyptian artists with their paintings and work on display, as well as a number of exhibitions located in the basement. With a sole entrance from the palace’s garden, the location will become a platform for young artists to present their work in a dedicated hall where a group of other cultural aspects including music concerts can also take place.


Photo credits: Hesham Labib