How exhausting can walking on the beach be?! Even if we don’t mind the sand, we still can’t help but collapse on the nearest sofa as soon as we go back home after a long day at the beach! Imagine doing the same while carrying around almost 3 kilos in your belly, and a not so tiny creature who’s pressing below your lungs making it hard for you to breathe.

That’s a small glimpse at the struggles pregnant women have to go through. Here are 11 things pregnant woman beg you to keep for yourself:

1. “Eh Eli 7asalek?”

La ta2elt fl 3’ada showaya.

2. “When are you going to have another one?”

People just won’t stop with the “two years is the perfect gap between children. If you ask my opinion, ”Msh lama el awalany yigi!!!!!!”

3. “Hope you’re getting plenty of sleep. You won’t get any when the baby arrives!”
giphy4. “It’s definitely a boy.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 2.05.23 AM

5. “Heya mana5irek 3amalet keda leh?”

An expectant mother will show some physical symptoms such as a wide nose, broken-out skin and a basketball-shaped belly. For some reason, people think it’s acceptable to point this out.

6. “Howa enti ray7a wala gaya?”


That cheesy line!

6. “When I was pregnant, <horrifying thing> happened.”


Yes, pregnant women need more horror stories, thank you very much.

7. “Heya Tante Malha?” 


Nothing can be cuter than the curiosity of innocent kids. Absolutely nothing!

9. “Msh bayen 3aleki

That’s when someone tries miserably to be nice. Or hits you with “Asanedek?” “Ya3eny!”

10. “Howa enti ta3bana keda leh?” 

Howa dah so2al wala egaba? You know what, you’re right I should be dancing…


11. “Are you going natural?”


Well ladies, no matter what, having a baby is worth going through these annoying irritable experiences. so keep your heads up! As for everyone else, do yourself a favor and when you see a pregnant woman, just leave her in peace, msh na2sak.