Written by: Mostafa Fawzy

An age crisis is a state that nearly everyone goes through. It’s one where they become confused at identifying with who they are as individuals, or even feel that their self confidence levels have hit rock bottom. While it is documented that there is a quarter age crisis and a mid life age crisis, I have recently witnessed Ahmed from 2oola sanawi with one and even I myself at a point have felt that way in my early twenties.

Here are some weird signs that can help you self-diagnose:

You googled the term ‘age crisis’ at least three times before reading this article.

You look at your cat/dog/bird and think to yourself ‘ya bakhtek wala 7asa b haga!’

Whenever you tune in to a sad song, you start grieving and maybe crying, but your worst problem is truly traffic.

Your rate of spending money is competing with the speed of light.

You’ve had 4-5 relationships this past year, and they’ve all ended up awkwardly. Don’t act all innocent!

You’re having extremely deep conversations with complete strangers. 3am Mohamed el sayes doesn’t need to know how your stress level has affected your views on love, he really doesn’t.

You’re shifting careers from biological engineering to mosa3ed awel cheef Hassan. No, it’s not okay!

Your answer to “where will you be in 5 years?” is “anywhere but here”.

If you’ve related to more than 4 points till now.

Recently, you look at your friends a lot and wonder ‘meen dool?’

You could spend a whole week in bed staring at the ceiling, and it would seem perfectly fine.

And the list never ends!!

You shouldn’t be concerned whatsoever though. An age crisis can be tough at times, but it is at the end a phase where you grow as a person and gain more understanding of your needs and goals. Our greatest advice is to just make sure your age crisis doesn’t turn into what they call ‘osloob 7ayah’. A great way out of it is always talking to someone; just make sure it’s not 3am Mohamed el sayes!