Even when we delete them, we almost always remember the last thing our ex texted us before we parted ways. Those famous last words remain permanently stitched to the back of our minds like a patch of quilt, there to remind us of what once was and will never be again. And even when it’s not a text, we still remember the last face to face conversation/phone call we ever had because although harder to memorize, it’s easier to recall. Nothing beats the disappointed and hurt look/voice of someone who thought they were going to spend the rest of their lives with you. And in most cases, you probably thought the same. Now let’s take a look at a dozen of real last famous words! 

1- Text message: “I deserve none of this.”
– Never got a text back.

2- Text message: “I just want to tell you that we’re never going to be the same again, but unlike you, I don’t just cut people who meant something to me of my life all of a sudden. So it’s important that you know that we’ll always be friends.”
– Not friends.

3- Face to face conversation: A: “I don’t know whether you’re still mad at me or not, but I want us to part on good terms.”
B: “I’ve tried that, but you wouldn’t stop and you kept trying. I told you that it’s over, over 10 times.”
A: “Can I call to check up on you in a couple of months?”
B: “If I don’t pick up, know that I’m still angry.”
– Never called in a couple of months.

4- Text message: “Hey…I know we haven’t spoken in a long time, but I just need to tell you something. I’m really sorry! I’m sorry I used to drive you mad all the time and never admit it. I really am so sorry for never admitting it before. My new girlfriend is just like me, and it’s making me appreciate you and realize how much you had to put up with before. So I’m sorry again.”
– Texted back that it’s all water under the bridge.

5- Facebook message: “Hi you. I’m sorry to call out of the blue, but can you please let me know when you’re free so I can pick up my hoodie?”
– That was two days after we broke up. Told him I lost it.

6- Text message: “Can you please send me a screenshot of our last conversation? I know it’s a weird request.”
– Did it, but never asked why.

7- Phone call: “I know you might not want to come, but I wanted to invite you to my engagement party. I really would love to have you there.”
– Thanked him for inviting me, congratulated him but never went.

8- Text message: “I know I’m the last person you want to hear from, but I really need to talk to you about something.”
– I called her, but she had changed her mind and told me “never mind, sorry to bother you.”

9- Text message: “Just know that you’re gonna regret the way you treated me. You were an a**hole to begin with and you should be grateful that someone was able to put up with your shit and your lousy personality.”
– I do regret the way I treated her.

10- Text message: “One thing that’s making me very happy right now is that I won’t have to deal with your phone calls in the morning ever again! And I never knew that someone could be SO needy until I met you.”
– I appreciated his use of caps lock.

11- Phone call: “Can we be friends again?”
– I said yes.

12- Text message: “One thing I will miss is how rude you were to people who hurt me. But then again, you were rude to me too.”
– Dodged a bullet.

Do you remember yours? I bet you do.