The month of April is upon us which only means one thing: Spring break is here. We are all counting down the days until we can ditch the stress of work/school and enjoy long lazy days of sipping cocktails and tanning by the beach. However, we know that packing can be daunting, especially with us trying to cram every task we have in those final days before freedom. Thankfully, we are here to tell you that you only need these 12 beauty items to have a marvelous trip.

1- Eco Beauty Range Products

Our mothers keep telling us that we should only use natural products but we never listen, because unnatural products just seem way cooler. But what if natural products were made just as cool? Oriflame’s eco beauty range line is made up of 100% natural products with Swedish attributes, which automatically guarantee their credibility. If you want rejuvenated, natural and healthy skin this weekend, try their organic facial Argan Oil with Cotton Extract. It is THE overnight treatment your face needs!

2- Body Lotion

It’s springtime and you deserve to go buy yourself that new body lotion that you’ve been eyeing for a while. Just because the one you have right now is nowhere near finished, doesn’t mean that you can’t pamper yourself and a buy a new one. We recommend you get Bath and Body Works’ Waikiki Beach Coconut Body Cream. It will keep your body moisturized for 24 hours.

3- Lip Protection

We often forget that our lips need protection from the sun and salty water just as much as our hair and body do. Our lips are prone to get cracked and dry if we don’t pay enough attention to them. We recommend you check out Oriflame’s lip care collection and pick the one that’s most suitable for you.

4- Body Splash

One thing we really can’t get enough of in the summer is body splash. On really hot scorching days, we could apply body splash up to 10 times a day just to make sure that the smell of sweat is under control. Victoria’s Secret are masters when it comes to the art of fragrances and mists. Check out their full collection and pick the one that goes with your personality the most!

5- Dry Shampoo

Let’s face it, when we’re on vacation, we unashamedly shower less than we do during normal weeks. Yet, we still have to make sure that our hair is clean and smells fresh. Batiste’s dry shampoo will fulfill both of your wishes.

6- Feminelle

Showering is easy, until we get to our most sensitive parts. We start to fret and worry which kind of soap should we use? Are we scrubbing too hard or are we not scrubbing enough? And the list of questions just goes on and on. Feminelle is an intimate care line of products that are soap free, contain lactic acid to restore your body’s pH balance and strengthen your natural defense against irritation. And we all know how much that’s important because when things are uncomfortable down there, it’s uncomfortable everywhere! The products are also infused with pink hibiscus extract to make sure you smell fresh and stay clean all day long.

7- Deodorant

And of course, it goes without saying that packing deodorant is a must. No girl wants to sweat through her tank tops and be self-conscious the entire trip. However, with the abundance in variety of deodorants nowadays, pick one that best goes with spring break vacation such as Secret Va Va Vanilla Scent Expressions Crystal Stick Deodorant.

8- Melt-Proof Makeup Product

For those who can’t part with their makeup even in the mornings, you no longer need to fret that the sun will melt your look. With BECCA Mineral SPF Primer, your makeup will remain in place regardless of heat and sweat. It is infused with an oil-free, water-resistant formula that leaves your skin matte as well as protected with SPF 30.

9- Tanning Oil

It’s spring break and everyone wants to have that beautiful Beyonce tanned complexion. But we also don’t want to be burning ourselves by sitting in Egypt’s scorching sun all day long without any sort of protection, and this is where Banana Boat Tanning Oil comes in handy. It is our go-to for achieving that amazing tanned look while maintaining our healthy looking radiant skin.

10- Foot Comfort

While you’re on the beach, you put your feet through a lot. They suffer through the sand, rocks and salty water and you often forget to treat them after a long day of distress. Oriflame offer you a range of feet pampering products that will guarantee that your feet are never cracked and always soft and taken care of.

11- Sun Protection

Beach means sun and as we all know, sun and sun protection must go hand in hand. We all dream of glowing skin at the age of 40, and the only way to be 40 and fabulous is to be 20 and careful. Opt for Bioderma’s Protect From The Sun Collection. They have excellent tolerance, come in an applicator tube, which facilitates application, are non greasy, reduce blemishes and are matt finish.

12- Frizzy Hair Protection

Summer is the loveliest time of the year but for every girl, there is a huge downside that comes along with it. This downside is humidity and it’s especially horrible in Egypt. It turns our beautiful and carefully coiffed hair into a frizzy nightmare. In order to keep your hair sleek and smooth, pack Moroccanoil Frizz Control which contains Argan Oil, and is perfect for use on frizz-magnet over-processed hair, and therefore will help tame even the most unmanageable hair of all.

Bon Voyage!