How do you know when a relationship is about to end? There are some signs that indicate the impending doom that is to come. The burning passion you two had for each other at the early days, the spark that made the whole thing feel special and the excitement of seeing them every time are all things that mark the beginning of a good relationship. But usually a lack of them is not an indicator that a relationship is reaching its end. These things just go away or lessen by time, routine and habit. So don’t freak out if they’re no longer there, because the true indicators of any relationship’s ending are totally different things. We asked around “how do you know when a relationship is about to end?” and here are the best responses we got. 

1- “When we have nothing to say to each other anymore. Two people in love should find it impossible to run out of things to talk about. And they should always want to take each other’s opinion on things and pick each other’s brains.” 

2- “When I’d rather make up an excuse than to actually drive all the way to see him.” 

3- “When one of us tries to change who they are deep down for the other person, or when we try to change each other.” 

4- “When you have a lot of bottled up resentment weighing you down.” 

5- “When communication isn’t as easy or stops altogether.” 

6- “When they no longer speak to you in a respectful way. And you find yourself disrespectful back.” 

7- “When you no longer engage in any coupley activities or don’t partake in each other’s interests anymore.”

8- “When I stopped caring whether he called me throughout the day or not and found myself uninterested to know his whereabouts or anything about his life really.” 

9- “When someone starts snooping. It only means there’s no trust, and trust is the foundation of any lasting relationship.” 

10. “You just know.” 

11. “When her presence started to irritate me and everything she said got on my nerves, even if it was something normal.” 

12. “When they don’t respect my opinion and start being condescending.” 

13. “When one of the partners start alienating the other emotionally and they no longer feel close to them.” 

14. “When trivial things start wars and open communication turns to constant criticism.” 

Do you think you might be experiencing one or more of the signs listed above?