Do you think we speak our minds? Do you think you know everything about us? Well, you thought wrong; think again! Girls are girls, no matter how old or different they may be. There are still some things that they seem to universally have in common! 

Here are 15 things most girls do but will never admit:

1- Compliments? Aw! 

Girls love receiving compliments but handling them can be pretty tricky. It’s just awkward to respond back.
Doesn’t a polite “merci” suffice?

2- Best part of the day is the moment we take off our bras

take off your bra
No, it’s not when we were having fun or partying together.

3- It wasn’t easy to look that good

looking good
Did she say it only took her 15 minutes to look that good? Haha; you didn’t see her struggling to put on that dress in the dressing room or draw that perfect winged eyeliner in the bathroom mirror.

4- Eating like pigs, it happens sometimes 

WE LOVE FOOD! But we don’t show it that often!

5- We always blame it on our periods

You had a fight with your friend/boyfriend and you’re the one to blame? Tell them it wasn’t really you; it was your raging hormones! Yep! Works everytime.

6- Hand me that pack of tissues; Henry died!

Yes, we do get emotional while watching our favorite show/movie and it is a big deal!

7- Silently “Kaydahom” 

Did she tell you she’s upset? You better watch out; revenge is heading your way! Di eli kaydahom..

8- Every cute guy has a secret name

secret names
Ahmed is too mainstream; what about “XM”?

9- Every girl we hate has a “not so cute, slightly vulgar” alternative name

girls name
“El berota gat ahe”, “Fatakat gaya today“. Her real name might be Diana, but Fatakat/Berota seems to suit her better.

10- Here’s my fiancé 

You know that hot guy she saw on the street for 2 seconds and most probably will never see again? She decided to call him her fiancé; even her friends call him her fiancé. Weird? Nah!

11- Jealousy runs in our blood


No matter how cool we seem to be about a particular situation, believe me we may be dying inside. Oh! And if she says she never gets jealous of her close ones, she’s definitely lying. However, it’s a pure type of jealousy.

12- Shopping starts with a smile and ends in tears

We pretend to feel better when we buy stuff. At the end of the day, however, we end up feeling much worse because of the money we wasted on things we didn’t actually need.

13- Having a favorite parent 

favorite parent
We always deny that we prefer one parent over another. But we do have a favorite one!

14- If we don’t belly dance, who will?

belly dance
While most of us suck at belly dancing, the rest of us claim that it’s “baladi, yay”. However, deep inside, every girl either knows how to dance pretty well or is dying to learn.

15- We envy guys sometimes 

envy guys
Who runs the world? GIRLS! Behind every girl who’s strongly advocating feminism, is another little one who’s envying men for certain privileges in their lives.
No matter what, don’t judge us!