Carter Wilkerson, an 18 year-old student from Reno, Nevada, really loves chicken nuggets. This is a pretty weird headline, isn’t it? We agree. But, Wilkerson is not just another chicken nuggets lover.

Wilkerson loves his chicken nuggets so much that he decided to tweet the US fast-food chain Wendy’s to ask them how many retweets would it take for him to get free chicken nuggets for a whole year! They replied that it would take 18 million retweets, and the chicken nuggets avid lover has been on a mission ever since.

Many of us claim we love chicken nuggets, but Wilkerson PROVED that he does. So the whole ‘actions speak louder than words’ thing has finally been put to the test once and for all.

His attempt to set a new Twitter high of 18 million retweets for a single message seemed impossible given the number of his followers, but the official Wendy’s Twitter account has shared his post and has since achieved the hashtag #NuggsForCarter. Now, the hashtag has gone viral with many official accounts retweeting his request for free nuggets and cheering him on!

When he reached 1 million retweets, Wendy’s tweeted that they were “officially shook” at what he has accomplished in so little time.

We all heard Steve Job’s advice to stay hungry and stay foolish, but kudos to you Wilkerson for taking it in the literal sense. You go boy!