Who doesn’t fancy a good-old tasty burger? Thankfully, we’ve got many great burger joints in Cairo! Get ready to have your stomach grumbling; here are some of the best!

1- Lucille’s, Maadi 


It has also recently opened in New Cairo! The thing about Lucille’s, apart from its luscious patty, is that they cater to all kinds of customers. If you want to diet, ask for their Bunless Burger. If you’re willing to go wild, try their Colossus Double Patty Burger! But, you better be starving for that one.

2- Mince, Heliopolis


It’s also now open in New Cairo and several other spots around Cairo. For the burgers, I recommend The Ultimelt. But burgers aside, you NEED to try their Elvis at the end. 4 words: Toast. Nutella. Ice cream. Banana.

3- Butcher’s Burger, Zamalek butchers

I recommend their Sunny Burger, with a fried egg laying there chilling on top of your delicious beef patty! In case you haven’t eaten in a week, ask for their Mighty Bastard: a 1 KG burger patty. You could always get that one and share it with your whole family.

4- Fat Cow, Maadi fat

I recommend their basic Uncle Sam! It’s a regular burger with a juicy beef patty. Definitely worth the try though.

5- Willy’s Kitchen, Dokkiscreen-shot-2016-10-31-at-14-05-53

Cheese madness in this place. I recommend their Blue Ribbon for some Blue Cheese goodness. But if you really don’t like Blue Cheese, as many surprisingly do, opt for their Cheese Madness. You can tell the place is for cheese lovers.

6- Fuddruckers, Nasr City fuddruckers

It’s also open in New Cairo! Their SouthWest is pretty great, if you like Mexican guacamole and love Chipotle!!

7- Burger Fuel, Maadi screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-14-11-33

Try their Burger Fuel Monster! It’s got avocados, beetroot and a dash of mango! Sounds fun, that’s for sure.

8- The Burger Factory, Zamalek


It’s also open in New Cairo and in several places around Cairo. They’ve got a Moroccan Burger, filled with walnuts, prunes, cinnamon, dates and syrup! Talk about exotic! That definitely sounds like an experience you want to have tried, specifically if you love all that is sweet and sour.

9- Burgerque, Maadi 


Ask for The Greek for a Mediterranean feel. You’ll have Feta cheese and olives on top of your normal beef patty. A meaty Greek salad does sound pretty tasty if you ask me.

10- Tipsy Teapot, Maadi 


A quirky little restaurant in Maadi! I recommend trying their Salmon Burger! If you’re thinking about merging your love for seafood with your love for burgers one day, that’s where you should go.

11- Wild Burger Original, New Cairo screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-14-16-49

I recommend their Wild Burger Bites, for 6 tiny burgers instead of just one! They’ve also got a Fudge Burger, and that’s where the cheese will melt right into your mouth as you bite into the beef patty. That’s definitely my favourite one.

12- Burger Joint, Maadi screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-14-18-51

You should try their Wasabi Ginger Burger, having the wasabi replace the mayonnaise and the ginger replace the pickle! It’s a pretty innovative burger, I have to say. So, do try it out!

13- Lord of The Wings, Nasr City screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-14-19-42

I recommend The West: It’s got avocado and an egg. So, it’s a nice mesh of breakfast on a burger all at once! (Also, their Honey Mustard Buffalo Wings are delicious)

14- Cowbell, Zamalek cow

I personally recommend trying one of their Lamb Burgers! Specifically their Ranch N BBQ Lamb Burger. It makes me happy just to think about it.

15- Manhattan Burger, Zamalek 


One of their weirdest burger options is The Apple with Blue Cheese Burger! I heard of mangoes on patties, never of apples though. It’s a pretty cool option, try it out.

16- Route 5 Burger, Sheratonscreen-shot-2016-10-31-at-14-21-42

They don’t have that much variety, but their juicy Cheesy Burger will definitely fill your appetite and satiate your craving for a burger.

17- Bunz, Maadi 


I recommend trying their Seafood Burger, with a shrimp and calamari patty, and tartare sauce instead of mayo!

18- The Hub Burger, Heliopolis 

Try their Hub Stuffed Cheese Burger!! And burgers aside, you can try their Hot Dog Stuffed Cheese!

19- Daddy’s Burger, Nasr City screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-14-25-07

If you’re in it for the cheese, I definitely recommend trying their Molten Lava: A cheese filled patty, that’ll make your dreams come true.

Burgers: Snippets of heaven on earth.