There’s nothing like escaping the world, leaving it all behind and going on a trip with your best pals. Friends are the best blessing in life, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make fun of them! Evil laugh!!

Below are the 20 types of friends in a trip:

1. The Planner 

Here comes the boss, the whole trip couldn’t have taken place without this one. They are organised, realistic and know how to please everyone. Mille merci for you guys.

2. The Cleaner 

While the rest of the group are making a mess of the place, this one will be taking out the garbage, washing the dishes and refilling the toilet paper. In a nutshell, the trip would be a chaos without them. They are OVAR sometimes though. Just kidding! No, I am not.

3. The Complainer 

“We don’t have milk!”, “Are we travelling by bus?!!”, “We will stay in a motel!”. They are the type who raised the slogan “5olekna le na3tared“, but it wouldn’t be the same without them still.

4. The Cook

Thank the Lord for these people, we would be starving without them. Our praise for your cooking skills, guys, we will call for the Cleaners now to wash the dishes! No worries.

5. The Sleepy 

Someone needs to notify this type en e7na f re7la; we didn’t bother to make it all the way to our destination just to sleep! WAKE THE HELL UP.

6. The Responsible 

Whenever a disaster occurs, without prior agreement you will find everyone looking for this type, the responsible people. Travelling in a group has its cons, and it always falls on these people to deal with hard situations like a dispute with waiters, bus driver…Kawares!

7. The DJ 

Their iPods are charged, their speakers are loud and their playlists include all the most popular Spotify songs. We can go nowhere without this type. No music, no trip, right?

8. The Love-Bird 

For this type, it doesn’t matter that we are on a trip. No ocean or mountain can come between them and their significant other; they keep them posted about every single step of the trip!

9. The Clothes Lender 

This one travelled with no less than three large suitcases, even though it’s a few days trip, but the perk is, they lend us clothes! Whenever you’re not sure about what to wear, they will suggest to lend you something that will suit you. They are always right.

10. The Clothes Borrower 

This type didn’t even bother to pack; they just threw in a few items in their bag and came along. The Clothes Lender type comes to their rescue.

11. The Entertainer 

Movie night? Popcorn? Karaoke? You name it. This type can do it all when it comes to entertainment. They are the salt and pepper of the trip, without them it would be tasteless.

12. The Money Manager 

Travelling in a group means a large bill at restaurants, more than one cab, a long list of food supplies… so someone has to handle all these details. So when you say money, this type puts on their helmet.

13. The Messy 

Their clothes are all over the stairs, their towels thrown on the floor…This type is the worst enemy for the Cleaners type. They are always at each other’s throat, and here comes the role of out fourteenth type.

14. The Peace Maker 

7amamet el salam, the trip would turn into a crime scene without them, because everyone will be fighting. This type makes it a point to make sure everyone’s happy. They teach us how to compromise; they have the biggest hearts.

15. The Doctor 

A headache, a broken nose, nausea, no worries; this Doctor type has their first aid kit, and will take better care of you than any ER fiki ya masr!

16. The Electronic Geek 

Want to connect your camera to the TV? Do you need an HDMI cable? Want to connect every damn phone in the room to each other? This type will easily do that for you!

17. The Comedian 

Here comes the best type ever, literally it wouldn’t be a trip without them. They are the ones who make you laugh from the heart without even trying. They are just full of humour, and we love them for that.

18. The Prankster 

The worst type ever, keberna ba2a 3ala el hagat dih! They never grow up and keep going with their mischievous acts.

19. The Robbed One 

Poorest type ever! By the end of any trip this type always loses something; either they left it somewhere and can’t remember or someone else took it by mistake and we all know it will take years for us to find it. And it’s always the mobile charger!!

20. The Busy Bee 

This type can’t swallow the fact that they are on a trip; they can’t leave their work behind. Always talking on the phone, checking their mail… They will need the whole group to conspire together and literally drag them to have fun.