By Tara Shehata

Not to reinforce a stereotype or anything, but we all love us a good night in with our girls where we can eat, talk, and binge watch rom coms. Instead of wasting time arguing about what to watch, here’s a list of a few chick flicks you need to see.

1-When Harry Met SallyImage result for when harry met sally poster

It’s the first one on this list because it’s the oldest and it’s a classic. You need to have watched a Meg Ryan rom com.

2- The NotebookImage result for the notebook poster

This one is for all the Nicholas Sparks lovers out there. Everyone has probably already seen it several times, but it never gets old.

3- Mean GirlsImage result for mean girls poster

I’m not sure what rock you were living under if you still haven’t seen this one. But if you’re in the mood for some bitchy high school teens, you should watch ‘Mean Girls’.

4- Bridget Jones’s Dairy
Image result for bridget jones diary poster

It’s sort of the typical story, but it’s been made into a classic in the last decade so give it a watch!

5- A Walk To Remember

a walk to rememberIt’s a story about a man who falls in love with a terminally ill woman. It’s a tear-jerker, so pick this one if you feel like sobbing a little bit.

6- 27 DressesImage result for 27 dresses

It’s wedding season again! And everyone seems to be getting married, except for you.

7- The Ugly Truthugly truth

Katherine Heighl again, with Gerard Butler. I personally love these two together, so I’d go for this film if I wanted a chilled night.

8- Life As We Know ItImage result for life as we know it poster

This one’s pretty great. I’d say it’s my favorite from the Heighl trilogy I just recommended. It’s sad, funny and a feel good film.

9- What Happens In Vegas Image result for what happens in vegas poster

Two people reluctantly get married in Vegas. We’ve all heard this story before, but it’s great when these two people happen to be Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz.

10- How To Lose A Guy In 10 DaysImage result for how to lose a guy in 10 days poster

I had to add a Kate Hudson and Mathew McConaughey collaboration. It’s definitely funny and worth the watch.

11- 13 Going On 3013 going on 30

I’ve watched this one so many times as a kid, and I still like it. One, because I love Mark Ruffalo, and two, because it’s more imaginative then the rest of the films on this list.

12- John Tucker Must DieImage result for john tucker must die movie poster

Watch this if you want to watch how some high school girls ally against a player. It’s kind of silly, but fun for a chilled night.

13- Angus, Thongs and Perfect SnoggingImage result for Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging poster

English high school students again. But this time, it’s less bitchiness, and more funny-awkwardness.

14- Miss Congenialitymiss congeniality

Had to add a Sandra Bullock film. No one ever gets bored of watching her being a hardcore badass.

15- Bride WarsImage result for bride wars poster

Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson seriously need to make a film together again!

16- The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

Image result for sisterhood of the traveling pants poster

This one is actually deep and grounded. It doesn’t have the cliché happy ending, and I genuinely think it’s a great film about growing up and discovering who you are. It also has a sequel.

17- The Wedding Plannerthe wedding planner

A film about sudden romance between a man who was about to get married and his wedding planner. Not particularly ethical, but it’s still likeable!

18- The Back-up Planthe backup plan

I like this one because it’s about a single woman who decides to have a baby on her own, and how her future boyfriend has to come to terms with it.

19- What Women WantImage result for what women want poster

Is it true love or not if a man and a woman fall in love because of a man’s supernatural powers?

20- Just Like Heaven

just like heaven

I truly think this is one of the greatest on this list. Give it a watch if you’d like to get inspired and emotional.

21- Pretty Womanpretty woman

It’s a classic and a must-see! Plus, it includes the all-time-famous “Pretty Woman” song that everyone seems to know the lyrics to.

22- Made Of Honormade of honor

For some reason, I find this film relatable to a lot of women. You know, the guy-best-friend, who’s only a best-friend until you’re about to get married to someone else then he realises that you’re the greatest thing that ever happened to him and that he wants to marry you? Probably sounds familiar to some of us.

23- Definitely, Maybedefinitely, maybe

A man tells his kids the story about how he met his wife, and thankfully that man is Ryan Reynolds. So watch this one, it’s light and nice.

24- The Time Traveler’s WifeImage result for the time travelers wife poster

It’s a little soppy and sad, but it’s realistic and down to earth so I’d recommend it.

25- StepmomImage result for stepmom poster

This one’s atypical, and isn’t similar to the rest of the films on this list. It’s about a mom (Susan Sarandon) who is terminally ill, and has to accept another woman, Julia Roberts, in her family’s life. It’s a film about acceptance, life and death. It’s not light, but it’s a really good film to watch.

26- P.S. I Love YouImage result for ps i love you poster

It’s about death, love and moving on. And the soundtrack is amazing! I’d definitely recommend this one.

27- The Lobster

the lobster

I added this one for the laughs. I wouldn’t say it’s a chick flick, but give it a watch and curse me later!

That’s the end of our list! There are so many more, but these are just a few of the greatest chick flicks I have watched. Hope you girls have a great night!