A couple of days ago, a belly dancer job offer posted on Facebook went viral. The offer looked like it was posted in an official newspaper, with all the specifications and requirements an applicant needs to consider the job offer. It included the pay, the email and the degree required. There is nothing wrong or weird in posting a job offer, but the content was what made it hot.

1. The pay was huge, $60,000 per month.Not to lessen from any belly dancer’s effort, but a lot of people actually work their a**es off to only get the minimum wage in EGP. On the other hand, belly dancing for a living can earn the lucky candidate tens of thousands in USD.

2. A college degree was required.Seriously, why? Unless it’s something that has to do with professional dancing, like a dance school or something, I would understand. But then again belly dancing shouldn’t require any college degree. If you’re not going to dance with passion and just dance to memorized steps, then why bother doing it?

3. The applicant needs to be maximum 35 years old.It’s one thing that the ad mentions that she has to be “nice looking” and a total other thing to specify her age. Come on people, it’s a no no to put age and woman in one sentence.

4. It’s actually ABROAD!As it’s many people’s ultimate dream to leave this country and go live elsewhere for better opportunities and quality of life, of course they wouldn’t let such an offer go by unnoticed!

Whether it’s fake or not, if it was culturally and socially acceptable, would you apply?