Congratulations! We have successfully completed another trip around the sun. You’re definitely not alone if you have ever set New Year’s resolutions only to give up on them a month later.  This situation is caused by a rooted-out recognition of the issue you’re addressing; a generalized solution for a generalized problem. So, if you want to jumpstart 2018 and for a change stick to your resolutions, here are 4 easy yet amazing ways to make that happen.

1. Take a leap of faith

Decide to do one new thing each month and commit to it the 30 days. This can be listening to only positive music for a whole month, meditating for 15 minutes 30 days in a row, exercising the visualization of your aspirations every day before sleeping, defining one thing to be grateful for every morning, showing appreciation or offering help to one person per day. During 30 days, monitor how it is affecting you and your surroundings and by the end of each month evaluate its impact on your life.

2. Keep a journal

Used in documenting ideas, events, plans and inspirations, keeping a daily journal is a multifunctional technique. From keeping track of your daily habits and experiences, harnessing your creativity, activating your memory, clarifying your thoughts, recording your progress, to reporting your achievements and enabling you to reduce the negatives and increase the positives; a journal leaves you with a clear perception on your thoughts and feelings and offers you plentiful benefits to improve your life.

3. Create a vision board with an action plan

Creating a sacred space with all your goals on it actually brings them to life. Make sure to set the board in a place you check on a daily basis. This will push you to practice daily visualization exercises during the day; that’s the most powerful mind practice to achieve nearly anything. You name it: relationships, career, finances, personal growth, home or travel. Illustrate that with images, paintings or writings and hang it all on your dreams board and wait for the magic to happen.

4. Attain your financial goals

In 2018, start assessing your expenses compared to your revenue. Set a certain level of savings goal that you want to accomplish by the end of 2018 and make a plan on how you’re going to achieve this goal by saving convenient amounts the next 12 months. Whether you want to start your own business, get married, do your masters abroad, buy a new car, go for vacations or even for emergency funds; saving money is always a wise choice.