Finding the right guy is not easy, but falling for the wrong one is what’s harder! Players, the ones you should dump right off the bat when you first spot one (if you’re looking for a serious, faithful relationship). Being played is the worst feeling anyone could experience. Especially when you’re seriously into them. Unfortunately, these guys exist everywhere and sure enough each of us had fallen for one or two before. But this is about to change if you take these things in consideration!


1. He knows how to make you feel bad

This type of guy often gives you like a hundred excuses on a daily basis when you ask him why he doesn’t want to go out as often anymore, or why he started to care way less than when you guys first knew each other. His answers will always be off putting. He knows very well how to make his way out of it and might reply with something like “I’ve been very busy and stressed lately, so don’t argue now, you’re making it worse!” And now, you’re the bad one!  

guy acting tired

2. His actions don’t match his words

He always “tells” you how much he desperately loves you and can’t live without you. But he never plans any dates, he barely even calls and takes forever to reply to your texts. But when he wants you, he’ll text you because he knows you’ll be there waiting for him. He knows how much you love him and he takes it all for granted.

hi i love you ryan gosling gif

3. He has time for anything but not you

You’ll find him online on all sorts of social media liking photos of other girls, updating his status, and even posting photos of him out with his friends when he said he was “too busy”. Anyone can have at least a minute no matter how busy they are, to call or text someone to tell them how much they’ve really missed them. But for him, he sticks to texting you back when he’s done with his eventful day because he basically doesn’t care.

replying after two years text

4. He never remembers anything you say

i dont remember gif

It’s a well known fact that when you really like/love someone you tend to remember everything they say. Because when they talk to you, you feel happy that they’re sharing a part of their life with you. So you listen carefully to every word they say! You might remember their favorite songs, their bad days, or even their favorite drinks. But players, they don’t even listen to you in the first place. They’d rather be talking about your physique instead.