Ah, relationships. Some of us love being in them, while the rest of us would just rather not. Sometimes, single people can envy ones in relationships and vice versa. The truth is, no one needs to envy anyone because relationships require a lot of work. Not everything is what it seems. Here are some mistakes both men and women frequently make in relationships. 

1. Assumptions

This basically means that one partner just assumes everything without actually talking to the other. A good example of that is when a partner assumes that the other person knows he/she loves them. Just because two people are in a relationship doesn’t mean that they can go on thinking that it’s enough as an indicator of love. People need to hear it. Another common thing is assuming that your partner knows what’s wrong or why you’re upset. News flash: Humans are not mind readers! They need to communicate with one another to know how each person feels.

2. No Effort

This is the kind of effort you exert in a relationship to show your partner you care. Saying that you love and care about your partner isn’t enough; you need to support your words with actions. If your partner doesn’t have a means of transportation to meet up with you, then you go over to them. Don’t make them try to figure it out on their own. If you know a certain restaurant they like, surprise them and take them there. Little things that show you care will go a long way in any relationship.

3. Irrationality

Jealousy is healthy in relationships. What makes or breaks a relationship though is how much of it there is. If your partner has a best friend from the opposite sex and you know for a fact that there was nothing ever between them but you’re jealous just because they’re close, then you’re being irrational. Or if you got really mad over your partner not answering their phone even though you found out they were sleeping, that’s irrational too. Being understanding will make your partner more appreciative and actually exert an effort to always be considerate of your feelings.

4. Not Keeping Promises

You find yourself promising things that you might not be able to keep. Going back on your word is disastrous in any relationship. This will make your partner lose their trust in you and feel unsafe. It’ll feel like they’re insecure with you, and it’ll make them want to leave. This can also be applied to feelings; saying you feel a certain way then saying you don’t is like breaking a promise.

Hopefully knowing these things will help improve the relationship you’re already in or it’ll make you more attentive in your future ones.  Remember that with communication and respect, you’ll have a solid foundation for your relationship.