Being single cannot be described in simple terms such as “single and happy” or “single and sad”. These two phrases just don’t begin to convey the complexity of all the different shades of the single life. When you’re single, your range of emotions starts at 0 and ends at limitless. Being single and in a relationship are not defined as black and white. Both are color palettes that include many different shades and hues. You feel everything and its opposite! Here are 40 specific ways one can be single. 

The Single Life

1- Single and not so ready to mingle but signing up for Tinder anyway just so you could swipe away the options and know that while the sea may have many fish, you don’t really feel like seafood at the moment.

2- Single and wishing everybody else was too.

3- Single and people convincing you that you can’t be single forever.

4- Single and wishing you stay single forever.

5- Single and wishing you had someone to cuddle with for 2 hours during that sappy romantic movie and then become single again.

6- Single and sometimes wishing you weren’t but always knowing you wouldn’t like it any other way.

7- Single and everyone you love telling you that the right person will come along.

8- Single and getting tired of your taken friends.

9- Single and wishing your friends would see why being single is awesome.

10- Single and wishing your friends would make you see why being in a relationship is awesome.

11- Single and thinking you’re the smartest of your friends because you’re the only one who’s got it right.

12- Single but defensive when it comes to the relationships of your bestfriends.

13- Single and so used to romantic disappointment that having a new crush gives you butterflies whose wings seem to whisper with every flap “LOL you wish, LOL you wish, LOL you wish.”

14- Single and always ready to state at least 10 calculated and meticulous reasons why being single is better than being in a relationship.

15- Single and not shaving for months because it’s winter and who cares?

16- Single and shaved because you care.

17- Single and begging all your girlfriends for a “girls night out” but they all have boyfriends and want them to come along!

18- Single and being the person your taken friends come to for relationship advice.

19- Single and ordering pizza at 4 a.m. while binge watching your new current obsession or your timeless favorite security blanket.

20- Single and third wheeling it.

21- Single and out on a night of dancing with your girlfriends and enjoying your freedom.

22- Single and eating an entire tub of ice-cream and a bucket of chicken wings alone because you’ve given up on love.

23- Single and glad for not compromising ever.

24- Single and the definition of your love life is living vicariously through your favorite TV couple.

25- Single and focusing on finding yourself and building your career.

26- Single and flirting with all the cute guys because you can.

27- Single and having to endure all your friends talk about their relationships while you have no love life.

28- Single and your friends complaining about how their boyfriends are not caring enough or how they shamelessly flirt with girls while you secretly think, “I’m so glad I’m not you right now.”

29- Single and driving the power bus all by yourself because you feel unstoppable.

30- Single and frustrated because you want to go to this party but it’s couples only so now you have to ask one of your guy friends to be your pseudo date.

31- Single and grateful for Wednesdays Ladies Night.

32- Single and trying new things such as: crafting, cooking, writing, journaling, yoga, kick-boxing classes, etc.

33- Single and finding love in the form of house pets.

34- Single and appreciative of the fact that no one is criticizing you. You’re also glad that no one is waiting to be updated with your every move.

35- Single and going to the movies alone/having dinner alone.

36- Single and angry at intrusive people who nag you to get married, claiming that you’re getting old for the single life.

37- Single and wishing you weren’t because you want kids and you would like to have them before you’re 30.

38- Single and traveling solo.

39- Single and miserable because you feel like no one will ever love you as much as Damon loves Elena or George R.R. Martin loves killing off our favorite characters.

40- Single and owning it.


One could write a book about being single and it still wouldn’t convey all of the unpredictability, awesomeness and sadness of the lifestyle that is ridin’ solo! Now, I would like to add one last thing: There’s no right way to be single, because there’s no one single specific way to enjoy the single life.