Here are 5 makeup tricks that will change your life forever.. ok maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but these will definitely make your life a little easier:

1. Using a Plastic Spoon to Apply Mascara


Use a plastic spoon to easily apply your mascara without getting any on your upper lid or under your eyes. The added pressure of the spoon also means you will get a more concentrated and ticker coat with every stroke.

2. Using Scotch Tape for Eye Makeup


We all know the struggle of trying to get your eye makeup to match on both eyes. Place a piece of scotch tape on the side of your eyes at the desired angle and use it as a stencil to get the perfect, even cat eye look.

3. Matching the Foundation to your Skin

woman to put on make up

Have you ever seen someone with super light foundation on their face and a much darker neck, nightmare I know. Sometimes when you get a tan it’s much more obvious on your face than your neck, so if you only test your foundation on your face you won’t get the right colour for you. Thus, make sure that the next time you go makeup shopping, you match your foundation to your neck first to find the perfect shade for you!

4. Making your Eyes Look Bigger


This trick is seriously magic! Invest in a white or nude pencil eye liner and fill in your eye lids with it and it will not only make your eye colour pop more, but also make your eyes appear bigger than they are!

5. Fixing Clumpy Mascara


This happens to all of us. You just purchased a brand new tube of mascara and it’s already drying out. Don’t pump the wand into the container to try and get out more; this will pump air into the tube and cause it to dry faster. Instead, add a drop of contact lens solution or eye drops and mix it in with the wand and it will be as if it’s a brand new tube! Miracles do happen.