Men hate to admit this, but our society does function in a manner that is meant to always sustain men’s position on top of the social hierarchy and constantly limit women to a lesser position. It is no surprise that men receive many privileges daily that they take for granted. Sometimes men in our society think that women who discuss equality are over-rated and dramatic, but here is a list that might make some men actually change their minds. A list of basic aspects in men’s daily lives that women don’t have the privilege of enjoying. They’re small aspects that make all the difference. They’re the things that men have but take for granted daily.


1. Walking home at night without the fear of being attacked

Whether it’s a school girl coming home from a late after school class [dars 5esosy] or a woman heading home from work, women still have to question coming home late a million times and perhaps pay extra for a cab to drive them down the street, just out of the fear of being attacked at night. It doesn’t matter how women dress; you could be a niqabi and still get attacked. You could be 80 years old and still get attacked.

2. Men are less likely to get interrupted when they speak

Studies have shown that women are more likely to be interrupted when they speak. And honestly do you need a study to notice that women talk less in meetings, and are more likely to be interrupted in classrooms?! Perhaps it’s due to an underlying feeling, some have, that women have less important input to give. Or perhaps, it’s because women have become accustomed to it so the reaction to being interrupted is not as aggressive as it would be if it were a man being interrupted.

3. Men are more likely to get promotions and better paying jobs

If you take a look at the working class in the country, you’ll find that men have far more options than women. Men can become technical mechanics, plumbers and other types of blue collar workers, all which can lead them to grow and earn more. Most women in this segment of the society are confined to becoming domestic helpers. While there is gradual expansion in this aspect, it still is strange to find a worker other than a man. While more women work in white collar jobs and services, they are less likely to earn promotions than men. After all, a woman has to be worth “10 men” to earn society’s respect.

4. Men are not expected to swear less, apologize more, or say please twice

Women are expected to have stereotypical “lady” traits, like never swear no matter how frustrated they are! She’s also expected to apologize for every tiny thing, sometimes without even being at fault, but women are raised to have extra courtesy. Men on the other hand are raised to insist on being right; being sorry is a sign of weakness. Also, try asking a guy at work to get something done politely. If you don’t add a pleading note and a couple of “pleases”, consider it never happening. Men should be the ones telling women what to do, right?! Not vice versa!

5. Travelling alone

It takes a hell lot of persuasion to get an average Egyptian family to accept the idea of a girl travelling alone. Add to that, not every location is safe or woman-friendly. In most Egyptian governorates, women can’t even find a hotel that will allow them to stay. Not every country is safe for women to travel to alone. It’s a limiting and frustrating situation for most women.


I know many guys will fight the argument that they have life way easier than women but once they really think about it, I think most guys would agree they do have it pretty easy. At least easier than most women in this country.