You finally think you found the one and you couldn’t be happier! Everything feels right, like it’s a match made in heaven. There are little things that just bring you closer than ever to your partner. Could be really silly things, but they make all the difference.

1. Your relationship isn’t all over social media

While it’s harmless to post things you do as a couple every once in a while, it’s not very healthy airing it all out all the time. Posting random things you do everyday is quite unnecessary. If you’re truly happy then there’s really no point in showing it off to the whole world. Couples who do this are usually trying to compensate for something missing in their lives.

2. You do gross things for each other

That means you’re both really comfortable around each other. You can fart in front of each other without shame or ask about that weird rash one of you got on their butt. It’s silly but things like this show how close you both are and how you’re not really shy to ask the embarrassing questions.

3. You share different hobbies

This means that both of you have different hobbies but you still share them with each other. You listen to each other’s music or share video games. Just because you have different hobbies doesn’t mean you have to do them alone.

4. You don’t get crazy jealous

A tiny bit of well placed jealousy is fine but being irrational about it is a big no. In fact, having fun with it really brings couples closer like looking at models’ photos together and such. This is very normal and proves how healthy your relationship is because you totally trust each other.

5. You’re not together 24/7

You understand what it’s like to have your own space and give your partner that space as well. If you want to to spend time together then that’s great, but it’s important to know if one of you needs some alone time too. It’s healthy for a relationship to spend some time apart so you can have a chance to miss each other.

Do you and your partner do any of these things?