“Gawaz salonat” dating –a.k.a.arranged marriage dating- usually means that your parents are the ones who arranged the date for you to get married. Sometimes they’re present, especially during the first date, and sometimes they’re not. However, in both cases there are some dating faux-pas that you need to take care of:

1-Going when you don’t want to

Well, when it comes to “gawaz el salonat” dating, many parents force their son/daughter to the date when they’re -not even the least bit- interested. If you’re not interested to be in a relationship, just don’t go because you might end up hurting the other person. However, if you are interested but you’re shy or don’t prefer this traditional way, then you should give it a shot because you never know how it might turn out.

2-Talking about yourself non-stop

Disclosing too information about yourself before you even know anything about the other person isn’t smart. Listening more to your potential partner gives you a better chance to find out if you two compatible or not.

3-Arguing about every little detail

Some people believe this is a way to demonstrate and enforce their strong personality and independent opinion about everything. Others do it because they’re too honest and don’t want to seem okay with what the other person is saying while they’re not, so they end up arguing too much. Whatever the person in front of you is saying, take it lightly. This person doesn’t know you well yet and arguing might scare them off.

4-Forgetting the date’s name or mispronouncing it

Or in case that his mum is present, forgetting her name as well, might get you in forever-lasting problems.

5-Being dishonest

Lying about anything on your date is plain stupid. This person you’re dating might end up being the one you spend the rest of your life with. It’s just dumb to base your life on a lie even if it’s just a silly one. You should know that even the best of liars get busted. You shouldn’t lie about your past relationships, if you have any, for example. Here in Egypt, girls in particular are advised to deny that they were in a relationship or even in love before because most of the time it’s considered a taboo. If you too think it’s a taboo, you should have never gotten involved in the first place. If you did anyway, you should at least be honest about it because the other person has the right to know. It goes the other way too.

6-Playing mind games

If you want to call her/him, do it. If you don’t, just don’t. However, don’t play mind games and try to seem like you’re not that interested when you actually are. This is  total lack of self confidence. Be yourself and do what you feel like doing. The only advice here though, is to try to take it slow and reciprocate the other person’s behavior.

Of course, there is a bunch of other clear dating faux-pas like: talking on the phone, interrupting the other person while speaking, canceling your date last minute… etc. Try to avoid the things that will make you look disrespectful.