By Dahab Elkady
Although our moms can sometimes give us a hard time or even seem a bit closed-minded in making some decisions, they still like to play the cool mom role every now and then! All the way from giving you nafas mel shisha to allowing you to sleepover when your dad isn’t okay with it.

Here are 6 stories shared by daughters about their cool mamas.

“It was finals week during my first semester in college and I was so nervous about this whole GPA thing when my mother knocked on my door while I was studying and politely asked “Hey, would it be awkward to leave you and take two days off with my friends in Sokhna?” I replied “A bit.” She unexpectedly said: “Ok, cause I’m doing it.” M.S

“At my graduation, she was the one having pictures with my friends, and while we were all having fun and celebrating she literally stole the show from all the graduates with a sha3by dance on “Motshakren 3alalam.” – D.K

“There was this one time in Sahel when she caught a pack of cigarettes in my friend’s bag and then asked to speak to her in private. Until this very day, I have no idea what happened there, but my friend said she was so close to peeing on herself! She freaked the hell out of the girl and simply said “I’m just messing with you; you should see your face right now! And asked her for a cigarette.” – N.K

“We were stuck in traffic while heading home and feeling so bored so we decided to freak out everyone around by pulling each other’s hair and screaming at the top of our lungs while sticking our tongues out at passersby!” – K.S

“I took my mother to Crossfit, which was a bit weird at the beginning, but as soon as we got into the session, she was so excited and my friends were all taking pictures with the cool athletic mother on the field!” – M.H

“On a trip to Nepal, my mother and I stayed in a hostel and took some awesome pictures while hiking. I never felt like she’s my mother throughout the whole trip!” – O.E

Remember that mothers are always awesome! She will forever be your hero! And if you give it a try and get a bit closer to her on a friendship level, you might just discover how cool your mom can really be!