With prices getting higher each day, it’s not surprising that even restaurants upped their prices as well. Luckily, food trucks and kiosks are getting really popular and they’re popping up all over town. And they’re cheaper too!

El 3rabya

Not a truck per se but a bike, it’s located on Maadi’s Road 9 and serves the most delicious desserts! In Ramadan, they offered some of the trendy desserts like mango and Nutella konafa.

The BRGR Truck

One of the most popular food trucks right now, BRGR serves some of the juiciest burgers in town! They have been opening more locations around Cairo and now they’re even in Sahel! So now you can feed that burger craving even on the beach.

Vagabond Trucks

This place isn’t afraid to shake things up a bit, serving sandwiches like their Cheetos chicken wrap. Delicious and affordable food, what more can we ask for? Oh, and now they’re actually in Marassi too so go try them out!

Gelato on Wheelz

You know what goes really well with summer? Ice cream! Nothing is more delicious than some ice cream on a hot day. This ice cream truck moves all over Cairo so it’s hard to pinpoint its location.

The Kiosk 

A little kiosk-like shop is open in Almaza Heliopolis serving some amazing burgers. It has been known to be a local favorite by people in the area for affordable burgers. Plus, they have a seating area and delectable desserts.


You have probably seen this bright yellow bike around Cairo one time or another. This little project started when a couple wanted to save up money for their wedding and they have been popular ever since! Serving heavenly desserts and sandwiches, it’s no surprise this food bike has gotten quite popular with Cairo residents. This has also encouraged others to start their food bike or truck.

With unemployment and prices surging, it’s no surprise why food trucks and bikes are opening up all over Cairo. The best thing about these projects is that they’re all run by young Egyptians. The food is clean, delicious and affordable so it’s understandable why they’re getting really popular.