By: Donia Assar

Once you’re heartbroken there’s no going back from that point, you just transform into this new person who has been taught a painful lesson. Guys are the ones mostly breaking the hearts but under all that masculinity there’s a fragile heart that has once been broken by a savage girl who probably drove them to be the heart breaker. So we have asked a few guys about how that journey was back then during their first teenage crush days w ayam el sha2awa and here’s what they have said:

1. Five years lost in one day!

“The relationship lasted 2 and a half years and I had known her for 3 years before. I fought everyone for her, including my own parents, and sacrificed my whole time for her. Even though we had lots of ups and downs, we still kept going strong. One day, I told her I was going to the mall with my friends and then ended up at el ahwa afterwards without telling her, so she took that as a huge excuse and broke up with me, just like that, as lame as it sounds. The feeling was really bad especially that she kept making me jealous by hanging out with all the guys I hate, but now I couldn’t care less.”

2. The high school sweetheart wound

“It happened during high school and since then I’ve never given anyone the chance to do that again. She was one of the popular girls and I loved her for 3 years and when I finally had the guts to tell her, she shut me off and said really hurtful things about how I look. As a teenager, it really left me lacking self esteem for a while. I even met her a few weeks back and I felt like the spark was still not in place!”

3.The never should’ve forgiven her one

“She cheated on me with my best friend and when I forgave her and got back together, she broke up with me a month later with the excuse that she just doesn’t feel it anymore and needs to see other guys. To add insult to injury, she burnt all the stuff I bought her, including my sweater, and posted it online. She’s out of my life for good. What I still don’t get is the aggressive vibes she gave me towards the end of the relationship for no reason; I like to believe she’s a psychopath. Hope she’s in a better place now, probably hell!”

4. The so out of my league one

“She was always embarrassed of me and thought I wasn’t cool enough just because I didn’t like to party all night long with her friends. I didn’t know how to look cool or say those hip phrases, but I was a fine boyfriend if you can say so! Today, I hear from friends she’s actually a loser and married with four noisy kids!”

5. Parents getting in the way

“We dated for a short time and then she broke up with me because of her parents. Later on, she started neglecting me, not wanting me around in any of the hangouts and telling everyone to ask me to stay away from her. Unfortunately, I still love her despite all of that and have been hung up on her for 3 years now. Maybe the fact that I got rejected is the reason why I still can’t get over her, but I know deep inside we’ll find a way to get back together!”

We have all been there and we truly feel the pain. Just remember that, after all of this, you’re just a step closer to finding the one or you’re basically growing as a person out of every relationship! If you choose to avoid all the hassle, you’ll find our articles around the corner keeping your company my friend!