By: Aya Mahmoud

Have you ever watched a movie and felt like it was so relatable, like it dragged you in its little details and made you underestimate your relationship standards? Movies can always make people rethink their real relationship goals although those differ from one case to the other and you might start asking yourself “why am I even with this person?” People always search for different goals in their relationships until they watch a certain movie and it turns everything upside down. Here are some opinions about movies that are thought to be responsible for redefining relationship goals.

Dear John is a movie that sets unrealistic relationship goals in my opinion; no guy would handle a girl’s temper and issues the way Channing Tatum did in the movie.” – R.

Love Rosie is my fairy tale; I’ve watched it for numerous times and always find something new to add to my relationship goals list.” – H.R

Me Before You has twisted my idea about romantic movies since it’s the only one that has realistic problems and sacrifices that we might face in our everyday life.” – B.W

The Vow is so unreal although it’s supposed to be based on a true story, but we’re not that naive to believe such men do exist.” – P.A

“In Valentine’s Day I actually loved the relationship between the two homosexual guys; it actually made me re-consider my own relationship.” – A.A

“I have huge commitment issues and the relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston in He’s Just Not That Into You made me think about how I’m pushing myself so hard to commit when I can try harder to have this kind of relationship in my life.” – P.A

People aim for different things when getting into a relationship and that defines their continuous trials to reach them. When they compare the levels they’ve reached to what they see around them, it provokes them to always achieve more. The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a movie that deals with romanticism in a different yet imaginary way. It has taken some of the fears we face in a relationship like boredom and regularity and dealt with it in the best way possible.

500 days of Summer is also so real, it describes all the relationship phases and shows the other real side of relationships that is seldom featured in movies.

Movies are still movies; stories that someone wrote from their personal experience and mixed them up with a bit of imagination. They shouldn’t be taken as a reference; they’e just a bunch of emotions that help us enjoy a two-hour experience.