If you’re still in the denial phase that you don’t live in your comfort zone, check out these 6 signs. If you suffer from more than two of them, well…I hate to break it for you but you’re stuck in the comfort zone my friend.

1. You are a member of the Procrastinator Club

You’re always waiting for the right time, so it leads to you leaving everything to the very last second.

2. You can’t make a decision

When you’re faced with a decision making moment, you start to second guess everything, and you don’t seem to make up your mind.

3. You’re a complainer

You find fault in everything around you, and that’s because the negative energy that comes out of doing the same thing and not experiencing new stuff makes you pessimistic.

4. You don’t try something new things

Staying in your comfort zone makes you shy off from going on adventures because only the known is safe for you.

5. You don’t like your life

People tend to think that being an introvert means you like living in the comfort zone, and that’s not true. You want to break out of what’s comfortable, but it is hard.

6. You haven’t met new people recently

It is not that you don’t go out a lot, or that you don’t get the chance to meet new people. It is that you don’t initiate any new conversations with people you don’t know, or you simply block them out.