Let’s admit, we Egyptians are not very easy to please. We complain about everything all the time. You’d think people wold actually try to solve their problems, but they just complain about them. But what do Egyptians hate the most?

1. Prices

Egyptians HATE prices. They never agree to the price of anything and so will always try to bargain with vendors. This happens regardless if the items on sale are expensive or not; they just think they can get a better deal.

2. Traffic

It’s pretty ironic since traffic is caused by us, the people. And yet, no one will ever think of doing something to help lessen the agony. It’s true that Cairo’s infrastructure doesn’t help much but still, there are some things we can do to make it better. You can take your bike to work or use the metro.

3. Anything Different

Egyptians have a tendency to be skeptical of change or anything they’re not familiar with. Moreover, because they don’t really agree with new things, they can start spreading rumors about them. Doesn’t really matter what rumors, but the most common ones are how it’s haram or it causes cancer.

4. Not Knowing Something

How many times were you lost on the street and asked someone for directions? And how many times did they give you an answer? A lot probably. More than you’d like to admit. A lot of times Egyptians would rather make something up than say they don’t know. And we hate that. Just say you don’t know! It’s not the end of the world.

5. Judgement and Hypocrisy

Now this is something a lot of Egyptians are actually guilty of and a lot of other Egyptians hate. Sadly, we suffer from a lot of judgement, hypocrisy and double standards. The only solution for that would be for people to stop being so judgmental and just let everyone live their lives how they see fit even if you don’t agree with it.

6. Unwanted Advice

Egyptians love giving advice for everything! It doesn’t really matter if you asked for it or not. You’re pregnant? You’ll get lots of advice on what to do and not to do and how to be a mother. You’re hungry? People will give you advice on your food choice and tell you need to lose or gain weight. How hard is it for people to keep quiet unless they’re actually asked for advice? It’s not that hard.

So basically Egyptians hate a lot of the things that other fellow Egyptians do. What else do you think Egyptians hate?