Before we begin, if your idea of an x-rated scene is a kiss between Nahed Sherif and Emad Hamdy’, this is not for you. You did not think that when the lead actor was about to kiss the actress and it didn’t happen that he changed his mind, did you? That was more like Middle Eastern censorship. OSN, however, releases uncensored material and you sometimes find yourself sharing an x-rated scene with your parents. Imagine your parents deciding to join you and watch Fifty Shades of Grey. The list of reactions is very long, but we’re here to help you survive the moment before it’s too late!

  1. The Phone Call/Bathroom Excuse

The x-rated scene comes along and you run full sprint towards the bathroom without any prior notice. Please make sure your phone is on silent though.

  1. The Steady Gaze

Most of us do that. You fix your eyes on the screen and act all normal. It’s not like you haven’t watched Sahar El Layali which was an x-rated hit back then!

  1. The Awful Movie Strategy

Your parents tune in to this movie, and you’ve probably watched it a zillion times uncut while in high school. You can always claim that this movie is shallow with no good plot and bad acting. I guess you’ll switch back to ‘la tazhab haza el masa2′…better though!


  1. Admit that it’s An X-rated Scene and Act Crazy

Go ‘ola la’….then start clapping and ask if you can record the scene and watch it all over again. The situation will be too awkward to comprehend, but you know what they say, ‘This too shall pass’. If your parents kick you out, we don’t know you!

  1. The Distracting Action Technique

Let’s assume you don’t know it’s an x-rated movie scene, which we highly doubt, you can always give a jerky moveright? Or ask a dumb question? It will sure defuse the situation.

  1. Give that Offended Reqaba Small Talk

Your parents probably won’t buy it, but it can help the time pass smoothly. You’ll go about how el reqaba is no longer in action and how offensive is it for our children to have to go watch such inappropriate scenes.


These situations won’t encounter you on a regular basis. We just wanted to help the next generation when an x-rated scene seems to be evolving and they can’t cope. With the internet now and IMDB ratings, you can do all the research in a second and act upon it. In case your parents are open minded and it is not awkward to watch an x -rated scene together, go ahead and make sure you send us the name of the movie! Yes, we’re kidding as usual! Have a good censored day!