By: Habiba Kamel

Did you know that Game of Thrones, the most popular TV series, has viewers from all over the world and that the first episode alone, got 90 million illegal downloads online. However, not everyone likes GOT and even if you do, there’s much more out there to keep you well entertained this summer. Here are a few series, starting this August, we believe will be as big as GOT. Will they beat the Game of Thrones Cloud, who knows?!

 1. All Stars:

A veteran girls softball team coach, suddenly, found himself in his overhead. He takes on a 10 year old team which he can’t control. They are a group of delusional children who have demanding parents.


2. Bruno and Boots: Go jump in the pool


This is a family movie starring Jonny Gray, Callan Potter, and Kiana Madeira. A young athlete finds out that his school is going to lose several top athletes that it counts on. His best friend is one of the players that the school will unfortunately lose competing to a rival school. He feels sorry and takes a drastic action. He helps save the swimming pool and keeps his friend as well by raising money to help upgrade the pool.


3. The Defenders:


A new group of four heroes started to realize that they need to work together as a team to achieve their common goal, saving New York City. Working together, they find problems approaching them which they conquer by supporting each other.

 4. Friends from College:

After becoming great friends at Harvard University, Ethan, Lisa, Nick, Max and Marianne all are heading to a brand new era, their 40s. They start going into complicated relationships and former romantic old bonds. Everyone tries to manage their adult lives as adults where they experience nostalgia.

 5. Gypsy:

Gypsy Season 1

A therapist named Jean who lives and works in New York has a successful practice and a pleasant life. As soon as Jean starts to develop relationships with her patients, Jean’s career takes a different turn along with her personal life and fantasies. Everything becomes blurred.

 6. The Bold Type:

Establishing and creating a magazine is certainly not an easy task. It requires working together as a team to lead the magazine to success and to the newsstands. While they work together on each issue they struggle to find out their identities, manage friendship and find love.

We hope we’ve helped you figure out what’s hot this season on TV. We suggest you go popcorn shopping and arrange some fun sleepovers to watch those premiers in style. Make sure you tell us what’s really worth the watch after all!