C’est la vie, what goes up, goes down. The most sizzling of relationships can go through phases of lack of enthusiasm, because nothing stays the same, but why would you want things to stay the same?

If we were to draw a map of every relationship we will notice an almost identical pattern common between them all; first the couple can’t get enough of each other, they love the same things, no disagreement, tout va bien, and then suddenly everything changes. You crave space, and you realize that the other person is not perfect after all. Yes, ‘au revoir honeymoon’ phase.

But who said this is a bad thing? What if there is a way to embrace this new phase of your relationship by keeping the spark alive? Let’s not waste time and let’s dig into the details:

1. It Is all About the Small Gestures

They are called ‘sparks’, not ‘flames’ or ‘fires’, just a spark, because it’s all about the small things you do for each other. You can’t do big gestures everyday, who has time for that anyway? But buying her flowers every once in while for no reason, writing him a sweet note and tucking it away in his jacket pocket or hanging it on the fridge so that he stumbles upon it when he least expects it, that will put a big smile on your partner’s face and remind them how lucky they are to be with you.

2. Be Adventurous Together

Trying something new with your partner is a strategy that got a multitude of thumbs up from other couples regarding keeping the spark alive. Explore a new hobby, travel to a new destination or take hip-hop dancing classes. Just be adventurous together, we only live once.

3. Disconnect From The Outside To Connect With Your Partner


Set some rules about phones, work and any other distractions during your quality time with your partner. This can make a world of a difference to your relationship, and will leave room for an even greater connection between the two of you. This is your time, enjoy it together.

4. Date Night? Yes, please.

I mean, why just watch this in movies, why not have it in real life and make it a point to arrange a date night every now and then?It doesn’t matter how busy you are, don’t you want to have fun? Dating is a practice you should never quit no matter how old your relationship is.

5. Miss Each Other

Yep, you read it right. Part of adding a spark is to miss the other person and have them miss you back. We’re only human; we take things for granted. If we see someone everyday of our lives, we tend to stop missing them. Go on a trip with your friends or plan a girls’ or boys’ night to give yourselves the opportunity to miss each other. Time apart is healthy and will leave you wanting more of them.

6. Your Partner Should Be Your Best Buddy

Never forget to have fun with your partner. Goof around, playfully tease one another, go out with all of your friends, throw parties, enjoy each other’s company, share the things you love; it is healthy to forget from time to time that you’re just a couple and remember that you’re also friends.