By: Dalia ElHalawany

You know that time after 1 AM when you really need to sleep but you just can’t? Weird thoughts start to bombard your brain and you’re suddenly thinking about stuff that are so deep yet so funny! We’ve decoded you some of the weirdest, yet the funniest, late night thoughts that could ever be found.


1. I Need Chocolate!

We all do want chocolate of course. But the cravings suddenly hit you from everywhere possible and you just have to have your chocolate now to survive. You even start thinking about deep things like what if chocolate was cocaine and we are only craving it because we’re low key addicts?!

2. How Did the Universe Begin?

You can’t deny it! We’ve all thought about this at some point in our life. Is The Big Bang theory real? Did my grandfathers turn into the petrol I used in my car today? Can my grandchildren use my body as fossil fuel in the future?

3. Was My Ex Right?

Am I that selfish agnostic “commitmentphobic” person he told me I was three years ago? Am I a bad person? Nah! He’s wrong; I’m awesome and great!

4. I’m Hungry, I Need Pizza

But I have just eaten. Why I’m hungry? I’m too lazy to get up anyway. Omg, there’s this really cool pizza place that just opened and I need to try it. But I’m still too lazy to find the number.

5. I Need to Plan My Future Right Now

So tomorrow I need to wake up at 7 AM to work out and have a healthy breakfast, run my errands and start studying for the future and re-organize that mess in my room. The future is all mine; I’ve got it!


Do you ever wonder about this song? Like why would he do that? Why would he hide something? Has Ruby found it? “Tb leehbydarykeda? wlahodarykeda? W Lana darykeda?.” Now, I’m stuck with the song in my mind!

You can’t deny that it can get weird and funny sometimes. You should have no shame in thinking so bizarrely late at night because it’s something that has to do with our brain chemicals when they’re overworked. So enjoy it and share your thoughts with us!