Getting into a relationship is no easy task, for you might unintentionally end up in a toxic one. And as the level of tolerance varies from one person to another, there are just some types of guys that any girl better steer away from. Why? Because simply staying single is way healthier than being in a relationship with this type of bloke.

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    1. Mr. Egotistical A**h***
      The worst of them all! He just thinks he’s the best at everything, no he actually believes it. He loves everything about himself and wouldn’t accept criticism. And if you just try to tell him that he did something wrong, somehow you will end up apologizing for his mistake. Oh, and don’t ever think that you’re any better.
    2. Mr. No Self-Esteem at All
      Believe me you will get sick of dragging “kees el guawafa” around all the time. He will always try to seem falsely “mesaytar” in the relationship where deep inside he knows he’s in control just because you let him. You won’t be able to depend on him in anything, for he will always need assurance that he’s on the right track. You will feel like you’re dating your younger brother and trying to develop his personality.
    3. Mr. Over-Jealous
      If he’s over-jealous, then it’s one of two things: either he doesn’t trust himself and doesn’t have self-confidence, or he doesn’t trust you! Both scenarios are equally bad; I promise you hatetkhen2i.
    4. Mr. Mesahten
      Being romantic is nice and all but sometimes it’s too much that you just feel el talzee2.
    5. Mr. F**kboy
      The one who goes around thinking he can “get” any girl he wants, and what’s even more annoying is that he really does. He will never be satisfied with having one girl, and you will end up sharing him with others whether you’re aware of it or not!
    6. Mr. Liar Liar, Pants on Fire
      The one who lies for the sake of lying, for no apparent reason at all. “I’m taking my car” while his girlfriend is picking him up, but he’s too afraid to tell you to avoid the debate of why and no or whatever he might think you would say. Even if you don’t mind at all! If he lied about the smallest things then he doesn’t feel right about them basically, that’s why he gets the urge to lie about his intentions.
    7. Mr. Mama’s Boy
      “Do I, mom?”

      Not the good mama’s boy, but the bad one. You will never have a private life with this guy. You will go out when and where his mom or any family member allows it. Your personal life won’t be so personal after all. Having a relationship with the entire family gets exhausting after a while! Don’t get me wrong; it’s great to have a personal relation with every member of the family but it’s not healthy to have your “relationship” with the family.

Please pay attention when you get into a relationship with someone who falls under any of those criteria. Better not to get yourself into it at all. Stay away for the love of God! Guys please if you feel that you are one of those; try to consider changing.