No matter how much we get over our previous ugly relationships, we still wish we could get a chance for a strong comeback to soothe our wounded soul! We wish our exes nothing but pure evil. Some of us just wait for Karma to take care of business, while others just can’t hold back their unresolved feelings and decide to take karma into their own hands.

Here are 6ย hilarious comeback texts people sent their exes and got our ‘way to go’ wave for it!

1. The ‘Bad Things’ Comeback!

Don’t let your sico sico imagination take you too far when the bad things just include your head off the hook!

2.The Names-Calling Game!


If you think you’re smart to name-call your ex, make sure they don’t have a humiliating label for you ready to come out whenever in need!

3. The ‘Get My Things’ Mistake!

They always say never ask for your belongings after a break up. It’s either they’ll never be returned or you’ll have to give up on them. In this case, Joshua had to watch them burn!

4. The Overreacting Text!

If you decide to send on overly regretful type of text, don’t expect more than an overly calculated comeback text! If you happen to overuse words to express your feelings, then you’re insincere and the reply will definitely leave you in-secure*!

4. Don’t Be Shallow!

If you want shallow, they’ll give you shallow.

5. The Automated Reply!

If you can’t find a way out of it, you can always act dead or maybe act like you’re an automated message replying and you’re good to go!

6. The Sabotage Text!

If she/he has moved on, make sure you send them a destructive text. Something more like has she told you she has rabies? Or have you seen his girlfriend? And watch karma do the work!