Technology always finds new innovative ways to make your life much easier; using our daily life struggles as inspiration to find quick and easy solutions. These apps are must-haves and you won’t believe what they have to offer!


1. Screenshop

Kim Kardashian’s new shopping app is probably the smartest thing this reality star has ever created. Screenshop allows you to screenshot an outfit you like online, where it automatically rounds up a list of similar products.

The catch: the list includes various prices as well as different stores where you can buy the item. Online shopping is also available!


2. Houzz

Houzz is the Pinterest of home designs. The app is divided into categories from furniture and appliances to décor and rooms. You can even narrow down your search by choosing the style of each room (e.g: modern, contemporary and traditional).


3. Runtastic

This app was especially made for the fitness fanatics, or for those who want to monitor their diet. It basically tracks the distance, time, speed, elevation and calories burned during any fitness activities.


4. Qibla

You can now easily determine the praying Qibla wherever you stand in the world. It works exactly like a compass where you rotate your phone until the arrow is aligned with the Qibla’s correct angle.


5. Home Budget

Home Budget is an expenses-monitoring device, which keeps track of your spendings. Although the currency used in this app is in dollars, the amount you put in will not change. It’s all about how much you’re spending and how much you’re saving.


6. Google Earth

The Google Earth android application enables you to orbit the world in 3D! It basically allows you to experience all different locations by giving you a new perspective of the world. Some of the features include random location picks to discovering new places. Now you’ll know where to travel to next!


7. Microsoft To-Do

We all get caught up with life and forget about important meetings, appointments or even tasks. Microsoft To-Do is an app that helps plan your day; you will be notified prior to any events of course. What a great way to organize your life!


Want to know what the best thing is? All these applications are completely free!