Here is a list with the profiles of some of the talented and brilliant rising designers:

1. Sandbox – Suhayla Al Sheikh

Sandbox is a conceptual jewelry brand where art meets functionality reflecting the soul of its bearer. For the brand, jewelry is not just a deaf-mute piece of metal and stone. It is very much alive. Jewelry is an art form- the most intimate of them all. It’s the one form that touches you- literally and figuratively. It blends with the human form, taking on each curve and trait. Together with the adapted concepts, Sandbox aims at empowering women through this strong connection. It relies on the belief that jewelry is a reflection of whoever is wearing it: it takes on the person’s traits as much as it gives them strength to move forward.

About the designer:

Suhayla Al Sheikh is a Cairo-based jewelry designer and visual artist born in Egypt and raised in Saudi Arabia. Growing up in a family that has an affinity for the arts, her passion for it has helped her push the boundaries of jewelry design and to constantly experiment in its various directions.


2. Aitch by Habeiba Soliman

Aitch is a ready-to-wear casual chic apparel label, in addition to crafting custom-made evening gowns.

The label’s design approach is that of reformation – it’s trying to reform classic silhouettes and designs, bringing chic back to casual wear. Inspired by the styles of the 50s and 60s, Aitch transforms the vintage lines and designs into more modern silhouettes by adding unexpected components, like menswear fabrics, scuba diving fabrics or modern cuts, which create a fashion forward design lending a timeless look.

About the designer:

Habeiba Soliman’s lifelong vision has always been set on becoming a fashion designer. She is known for incorporating both menswear fabrics and scuba diving fabrics to create a more modern take on classic silhouettes for her first collection, which she launched in the fall of 2016.

Instagram: @aitchbyhabeiba

3. The King’s Mother – Farida Naguib

The King’s Mother is a contemporary women’s blazer brand, merging modern and classic styles, as well as masculine with feminine silhouettes. The brand is based out of Cairo, but also sells in London. The name is actually a play on how the blazer went into fashion after having been introduced to the world as sport attire, worn by the Cambridge and Oxford rowing teams. The victorious Cambridge rowing team, of the ‘Lady Margaret Boat Club’ is the one who gave the blazer its name because they were known for their “blazing red jackets.” Now “The King’s Mother” was how they called Lady Margaret, King Henry VI’s mother, and that’s where this label gets its name.

About the designer:

Farida Naguib is an Egyptian designer whose love for creating art began at an early age. Rooted in a passion for drawing & painting, Farida’s aesthetic evolution naturally led her to an interest in fashion, believing that design in all its forms truly stems from pure art.


4. BAZIC – Nada Mansour

BAZIC is not only a clothing brand, rather a fashion concept and lifestyle that the brand is trying to implement. Style doesn’t solely require wearing the latest trends, but having a fashion sense and a variety of basic options. Known for its simple, comfortable and affordable pieces, BAZIC uses Egypt’s finest fabrics to offer pieces that are practical for everyday use. Beyond practicality, BAZIC believes that simplicity is always key to looking effortlessly chic. With a simple mix and match, BAZIC’s pieces can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion.

About the designer:

With her entrepreneur spirit and fashion sense, Nada Mansour, 23-year-old, founded BAZIC in December 2016. Mansour’s first experience with fashion design was in May 2016 with Bel Balady, a sportswear brand with a touch of local taste.

Instagram: @bazic_onlinestore

5. OPENISM – Ibrahim Mimou

OPENISM is an apparel brand based out of LA and Dubai. Its chief designer, Ibrahim Mimou, is Syrian-American and he’s always trying to combine his Middle Eastern heritage with inspirations from his upbringing in the suburbs right outside of LA. This is contrasted with his interest and love for the big city life, which results in pieces that urban and laid back at the same time.

OPENISM’s designs promote the idea that every person adds their own personality to the piece their wearing, which in turn promotes individuality, in addition to functionality, which plays a very important factor.

About the designer:

Ibrahim Mimou is an LA based designer who started OPEN as an outlet for various design oriented projects either made or curated by himself. From there, OPENISM- the apparel brand- came to life and is completely designed by him and takes cues from his Syrian ancestry and Southern Californian lifestyle.


6. Posh Hire

Posh Hire is a hiring platform that basically combines different local and global designers. It’s your go to online hiring platform where you will get an unlimited wardrobe extension, offering you a wide collection from all your favorite local and international designers, including:

Kojak Studio, Rafik Zaki, Iman Saab, Ted Baker, Sherri Hill, Chichi London, Lipsy, ASOS, Missguided, Coast, Nagdis & Nancy Nabil

Posh Hire will have your desired dress ready with just one click. Not only can you hire dresses, you can also reinvest your own by hiring them out.

Instagram: @poshhire

7. Hayden & Co. – Shaddy Elian

Hayden & Co. founded by Shaddy Elian, launches the second edition of its debut collection “Love Wear”. This collection, which is an extension of Ellian’s creative process of dipping into a euphoric state of mind in which his imagination is very fertile producing novel designs. With this collection he is able to connect old with new and mix different aspects of time to create a unique product for the modern day woman.

“Love Wear” features 7 unique sets, 5 necklaces, 4 rings, 4 earrings and 2 bracelets. The jewelry is hand- made in Belgium from gold and silver plated rhodium, encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

About the designer:

Shaddy Elian, Creative Director and Founder of Hayden & Co. is Egyptian by blood but was born and raised in Kuwait. He studied jewelry design in London and took further courses in technical jewelry making at The Design Studio by Azza Fahmy in Cairo.