Your job, or basically, your work, is the place where you spend most of your time and get influenced the most! We believe that a job can have a huge effect on how a person perceives love. It is the place where you get challenged, grow as a person and build friendships and awkward-ships as well;  the place where you will develop into adulthood.

So we decided to ask people from different professions, about their thoughts on love in their field and here’s what they said:

1. University Student:

“I don’t believe in love, I have seen so many people around getting hurt and refusing to move on because they still believe that it’s love. I’m only into flings and short term relationships.”

2. Journalist:

“My job is a fast-moving one and requires me to be the same, so I’m into dynamic, not dull relationships and one that doesn’t last a long time.”

3. Graphic Designer:

“I have an eye for details and I concentrate too much, which makes me look for perfection all the time.”

4. Businessman:

“I’m well known and have realized that everyone around me wants something from me somehow, so I started changing my game and only looking for fun in a relationship (good looks). My relationships don’t usually last more than a year.”

5. Film Maker:

“El 7ob ra7 zamano w el sho3’l khad makano. I only focus on my job now. I believe that love is associated with economy and society; people go after success forgetting about love.”

6. DJ:

“My job is my true love. It requires all the dedication I have and I have no time to waste on someone else, at least not right now.”


At the end of the day, it’s not only your job that influences how you perceive love, but your surroundings too. Everything around you helps, even nature has a contribution towards that. Make sure you’re open to love aside from all the stress you meet at work and the output will always leave you with something! Nobody can live without love; love for anything!