I’m one of those people who believe that nail care and nail polish is just as important a beauty regimen as make up. But just like getting your makeup on, painting on a perfect manicure is no easy task and here’s why: 

1. Working on the right hand is always a nightmare59c2820a57734d7fb2780dd47eed6f23

This is something few will be good at. Some days I can do my right hand with no hang ups; other days I can never truly master it. For you lefties, doing the left is probably a pain! And if someone figures out the secret to coloring the other hand with the least amount of difficulty, let me know!

2. Chipping your manicure is the saddest thing in life

It is a sad day when one of your manicured nails gets chipped and you have to mourn the loss of your impeccable nail color. It’s the same as getting scratch marks on your car. It’s a quick fix, but looking at it just hurts!

3. No one understands the need for cuticle care anigif_enhanced-buzz-11961-1436756044-24

Few will ever understand the need for proper nail care. Moisturization and exfoliation are just as important for the process as the painting itself. If you don’t do this, you risk ruining your perfect manicure!

4. Being momentarily paralyzed because your nail polish is dryingtumblr_loekt4DvRq1qf7yhho1_500

We’ve all had to keep our hands outstretched and ourselves temporarily paralyzed while waiting for our polish to dry. It’s said that this is when a woman is at her weakest. But don’t be fooled! Once that polish dries, we are fierce!

5. Trying to pick the right shadeRainbow-Nails

Picking the right color of nail polish is an art. When you’re picking a color, you’re not just picking any random color. You’re picking the right shade to complement your outfit. A colored nail is just as important as an accessory and even more so.

6. Taking off your nail polish and feeling EXPOSED1460119717-snookie-nails

Any true nail polish addict knows that you have to let your nails rest a while before you put on a new shade. When you do finally take it off, you’re confronted with your nails in all their uncolored splendor and you truly feel naked.

7. Glitter nail polish is a b***htumblr_nfx9c8qYcT1qj4315o1_500

It’s just a fact of life. Glitter nail polish is not the easiest thing to work with. And although your nails are Glam as f***k, removing glitter nail polish is a pain in the butt. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll avoid that stuff like the plague!