Ramadan is almost over, and we’re not that happy about it! Even though we can’t complain about going back to our delicious day time cravings and coffee addictions! With Eid el Fetr just around the corner, we can’t help but notice how we all spend el Wa2fa night in different ways. Some people have it all planned or even have their yearly rituals, while others don’t even know what wa2fa night is after all. In case you think we’re talking about the guys roaming with beer bottles and drugs in hand, unfortunately we’re not! Here are all the plans people shared ranging from naps to road trips!

“Definitely hit the road and head to the beach, travelling comes on top of the list. Once Ramadan folds up, we spend el wa2fa packing our bags so we can be doing Freska by the beach on Eid morning!” – Rania, 20

“Road trips with my friends f wust el balad listening to Amr Diab. We could literally do that for the whole Eid and it won’t get boring” – Nadine, 27

“I’d be running like a maniac in shopping malls between kids’ stores hunting for the perfect lebs el Eid for my kids. I wouldn’t say it’s my perfect outing of choice, but we all grew up to lebs el eid!” – Shereen, 30

“I meet the guys and we buckle up at the koshk. You’d think it’s boring, but it’s not. We keep chatting and laughing till sunset; the Eid spirit is definitely present” – Omar, 22

“Besara7a, I dive into my bed. To have to wake up at 6 am for salat el eid, I have to get my proper dose of sleep. I still wake up to pray looking like a zombie after all” – Ahmed, 28

“It’s that time for our ritual sleepover. All the girls gather at my place and we pick a horror movie to spice up the night, then we all head directly to the mosque to start the Eid!” – Maha, 25

“I usually spend it at my best friend’s place and we have to order that pizza we’ve been deprived from all Ramadan, because it makes us thirsty. Longing to do the same this year” – Yasmeen, 32


No matter how you choose to spend the night, we’ll always wake up to the festive Eid vibes or enjoy a nice cozy breakfast with our loved ones for the first time after fasting for the whole month of Ramadan.

Happy Eid everyone!