By: Reem Hussein

Does the perfect man really exist ? An eternal question that has haunted women for many years. In case you haven’t noticed, the media has constantly been portraying Prince Charming, an unknown creature that we have not encountered yet. This is evidence why he doesn’t exist:

1. He didn’t send that morning/night text

“El ehtmam mabytlebesh”. Most women want to see daily signs of care, signs that show that her partner has been thinking about her. The thing is they can’t ask for it; it needs to come naturally and this is where the blame game starts.

2. He is too busy impressing other girls

It’s not that we are cheaters but all women are beautiful so we can’t just have one, right? Wrong. For a second there we were charmed, but we are still not buying it. Some men are just never satisfied with one lady.

3. He doesn’t have the same taste in music

When it comes to music, it’s deadly-serious if there’s a mismatch. You need to trust that guy with the AUX cord; otherwise you will be bored to death on your future road trips.

4. He is overprotective or controlling or jealous

How many times have you seen a couple and wondered whether this is supposed to be a partnership rather than a relationship guided by the male’s requests? (hint: Nelly Kareem in her latest Ramadan series). And the excuse behind the excessive controlling is always the same: I’m just protecting you. Please chill.

5. “3ashan ana ragel”

Since we live in a double-standard society, being a man is basically a green light to do many things and some women will just watch and say “Boys will be boys”.

6. Doesn’t appreciate your sense of style

“Hatenzeli keda?” According to one girl we spoke to, a partner judging her sense of style is a big no. And no, it is not only restricted to revealing clothes (hence: the protection excuse) but sometimes it can be a mocking of her sense of style in general.

7. He doesn’t give you his jacket or get you flowers

Let’s face it, some women wait for these gestures to happen. They are signs that prove his love to her.

There’s no such thing as THE perfect match but at the end of the day, there will be someone that you would be gladly willing to enjoy and endure his good and bad side. And remember, you shouldn’t feel any pressure to find your soulmate, maybe one’s happiness can be engraved in her/his solitude (there are no rules). PS: Obsess less about finding the perfect match and being the perfect you only then, that you would feel satisfied and whole.