Since I belong to the dreamers’ club, bumping into a realistic fellow is always such an interesting incidence. It’s either a rude slap back into reality, or it provides food for thought. Some other times the incidence would lay in that grey area in between, only then you would realize that realists are the worst yet the best people you can meet. Keep reading to find out why.

1. They cut off your dreams only to give you goals

When you eat your friend’s ear about your plans to travel the world, that one realistic pal would burst your bubble by reminding you that your salary can’t cover that, and then they will help you devise another plan that you can actually make happen.

2. They won’t let you stay in a relationship that’s going nowhere

Since they are realistic, half measures aren’t really their thing, hard-hitting solutions are more like it. When they see something that isn’t working, they let you know and help you find your way out of it.

3. They are the peacemakers in arguments

When we, the dreamy squad, disagree on something, the realists come to the rescue. They are guaranteed to look at both sides rationally, and help us settle our differences.

4. They don’t jump to conclusions, they think it through

Realists know that it’s foolish and a waste of time to jump to conclusions, instead they take their time to assess a situation and then form an opinion. They are your guys when you need a mature mind.

5. They are mistaken for pessimists, but they don’t really care

Being realistic means that a person can sometimes perceive that things are going south, and people might hate realists for voicing that, but at least they warned us, right?

6. They’re not dreamy, but they might be the only ones who make dreams come true

When a group dreamy people intend to plan something, we are a bit passive. We leave it to the last moment or wait for someone to take charge, but realistic souls would take the wheel and plan it to perfection, and probably will have more than one back up plan.

7. They might say “I told you so”, but they indeed had told us so

We can’t blame them for being right, we just hate it when they get all smug about it.