Summer is here, right? You should probably hit your car on weekends and head to the beach! What about those sad weekdays when you have to spend hot sunny mornings at work and suffer at night in the city? We know kol el talzee2 w el colorful outfits begin to surface and you find yourself a victim of a smelly crowded sunny circus!

Here are 7 signs you’re a victim:

1.The streets are over crowded, more like a MAZE!

The concept of rush hour becomes a constant and the person who knows a takhreema is the one you want to become best friends with!

2.The 3ara2 smell is ….You know!

We believe that deodorants have failed their duties, or maybe Egybtion 3ara2 cannot be beaten.You just have to block your nose and live with it!

3. Carina Cut fo2 Carina Kom!

Summer fashion comes along and el calarz kolaha emergeYou just want to burn the whole fashion world down!

4. You live for the weekend…WE ALL DO!

Some people’s weekends extend till Sunday morning and they actually arrive to work late. We live like zombies all week to just break free like maniacs on Thursday!

5. Your body is at least three different colors

Apart from tan el fanela el masry, we’re talking tan fails and that orange Haggras color you got from the oil your parents recommended!

6. You can’t get anything done at government offices

Madame Ferial will be busy preparing lunch for her kids and you probably have to wait by her office for 24 or 48 hours..why the rush!

7. Amr Diab hits us with a new album and it plays 24/7

Since we were kids, summer season will always be about those el Hadaba Amr diab albums sticking in our heads and keeping our company on our open road trips to Sahel/Gouna!