By: Aya Mahmoud

Lately, social media has gone wild about the rumor of Amr Diab dedicating his song “Agmal 3youn” to Dina El Sherbiny and since that hasn’t been assured neither denied, it was a good chance to revisit actual announced songs from Egyptian singers dedicated to their loved ones.

Baleegh Hamdy – “El3youn Elsood”

Baleegh Hamdy, who’s a famous Egyptian composer, wrote
the first lines of the song “El3youn Elsood” when Warda’s father rejected him and turned it into a song expressing how he felt at that time. He repeated the same thing after they got divorced and wrote the very first lines of the song “Bawad3ak” and announced his huge unforgettable love for her.

Ahmed Ramy – “7ayart alby ma3ak”

Despite the fact that he was married, Ahmed Ramy, the renowned song writer, was in love with the legend “Om Kolthoum” his entire life as his son announced once in an article. He wrote 137 songs for her and never took his wage. He had a huge picture of her in his bedroom and then wrapped up his love with the beautiful words he wrote her in his song “7ayart alby ma3ak”.

Mohamed Mounir – “Lama El Naseem”

Mohamed Mounir also joined the club of dedications with his song “lama el naseem” that was made for his ex-fiance, actress Naglaa Badr, as she once announced in a TV interview.

Mohamed Hamaki

As time goes by, we find out that modern day celebrities do that too. Mohamed Hamaki sang a brand new song and dedicated it to his bride on their special day.

Ramy Gamal – “ew3edeeny”

Ramy Gamal took this step too in his latest album “Ew3deeny” when he signed on the album cover “I dedicate the hit song of my album to my beautiful wife”.

Amr Diab – Kenzi / Jana

We can witness another kind of dedications in Amr Diab’s two songs that carried the names of his two daughters, Kenzi and Jana, and were released in two different albums.

Amir Eid – “Layla”

Amir Eid, Cairokee’s singer, has dedicated the song “Layla” in his latest album to his wife as he made sure he sang it in every concert they did after the release of the album with the presence of his wife.

Celebrities use their art to express love and gratitude to people around them and the audience are always curious to hear more about their personal life.