There are obviously the not-so-subtle comments like “shouldn’t you be in the kitchen?” that are punch-worthy (we don’t condone violence, but some people really push our buttons). Then are the more subtle ones. The ones that really get under your skin and if you say anything, you will sound like a complete psycho, but they are indeed utterly sexist and just plaid rude. The worst part is that a lot of them even come from other women. We listed some of these comments and don’t worry sista friend, we also provide you with some comebacks for the next time someone makes one of these remarks:

“Hate3refi terkeni wala arkenlek?”

I am pretty sure that if I was a dude, you wouldn’t dare ask me something like that. I am perfectly capable of parking my own car, I drove it here didn’t I? And I have a driver’s license which I am pretty sure requires knowing how to park in order to get one so just back off. You can also forget your tip, buddy.

“La2 mabenla3ebsh banat ma3ana kora.”

I am pretty sure I can kick all of your asses at soccer, but your loss – I wouldn’t want to play or interact in any way with a bunch of sexist losers anyways.

“Wow, you actually do know how to play Fifa, you’re like wife material!”

Wow yourself! I’m pretty sure that if any dude was playing with you, you wouldn’t utter those words. In fact, if a guy didn’t know how to play Fifa, you’d make the opposite comment and doubt his manhood. You have sexist written all over you. Also, if you define whether a woman is a potential wife based on the fact that she can play Fifa, that, on its own tells me enough about the kind of superficial person that you are. Now back off and let me kick your butt at fifa!

“Enti 3alatool kida labsa bantalonat? Mafish mara telbessi fostan aw te7oti make up kida aw haga?”

Why? So you can come later and tell me that the fact that some creep harassed me in the street was my fault for wearing a dress? And let’s get one thing straight, I’ll wear whatever I want and whatever makes me comfortable. I dress for myself, not for anyone else. Wearing pants doesn’t make me any less of a woman, just like your tiny brain doesn’t make you any less of a human.

“Malek 3alatool mekashara kida, hateb2i a7la bketir law de7ekti”

I’m pretty regardless of whether I am smiling or not. I am not forced to smile just because I’m a girl. I’m sure if a guy didn’t smile often, no one would say anything, let alone even notice. And to answer your question, ana mekashara 3alatool ’cause sexist people like you exist in the universe.

“Aham haga tekooni bete3rafi totbo5i.”

This is by far the worst one because it comes from other women just as much as men. Whether I can cook or not does not define my womanhood whatsoever, it is not something that I am inherently forced to learn. And if any guy will base his judgment of me based on my ability to cook, then he is not worthy of me or my time.

“You’re really fit for a girl!”

You should’ve just stopped at you’re really fit, why the “for a girl”? Why? I know you’re trying to be nice, but you’re basically taking away your compliment by telling me how low your expectations were for me based on my gender, but thanks for trying.