While you wait at the hairdresser, where you want to just relax, maybe catch up on magazines and girl talk…Well that’s not usually what happens! While you sit and look at yourself in the mirror for far too long, you will get your ear chewed off by your hairdresser!

I don’t know if there is some kind of book that all hairdressers studied when it comes to chatting up their clients, but here are 7 things girls are tired of hearing from their coiffeur:

1. “Eh Ra2yek No2os Showaya So3’ayara?” 

One of the wonders of the world that we will never figure out the secret behind, why hairdressers just want to cut your hair!

2. “Ohh, there is a white hair.”

Ohh, there’s another. Oh, you do have quite a lot, don’t you?” Whoa, isn’t the role of this guy/woman to make you feel good about your looks? What now?

3. “Don’t you want to do keratin/protein (Or anything that ends with ‘in’)?” 

Have no worries, if I wanted to do any of that, rest assured you will be the first to know. Can we move on and get my hair done now please?

4. “How about some highlights?” 

Again, you will be the first to know! Stop it with the suggestions please.

5. “You said you want it short!”

Not this short!!!

6. “I am leaving this place and opening my own salon.” 

Rabena yewafa2ak, but you’ve been saying the same … for the last couple of years! Either you do just that, or zip it!

7. “I have a look for you in mind that you will like so much.”

You know what, I have a look for me in mind too. Can we do just that?

8. “Who cut your hair last?” 

Mmmm, you?