“I need space”. For many people, this tiny phrase triggers fear and insecurity, for others defensiveness or sadness, and for some others it means the end of a relationship.

You would be in a roller coaster about what to do next. Should you break up with them? Should you not? Are you the problem, or is it them? Are they asking for space to be able to see other people? Or maybe they are just confused? See, roller coaster! So the rational solution here is to first try and understand the real meaning behind ‘I need space’.

Here are 7 things your partner could mean when they say they need space:


1. They Don’t Want To Break Up With You

We all fall victim to confusion from time to time, where we don’t know what we want with our lives. Your partner just wants some time on their own to figure things out. At least they are being honest about it. This is the only time when the line ‘It’s not you, it’s me.’ is true. In any other case, it’s just bull****.

2. They Want To Break Up With You: Hasta La Vista

Yep, no need to sugarcoat it for you; your partner wants to show you a pair of clean heels and break things up. They just don’t have the spine to do that properly so they hide behind cheap lines. The hell with them, you’re better off without a coward.

3. They Are Unsure About You

This time, it is you. Your partner isn’t certain you’re the right person for them, so they need space and time to access the situation. Sorry about that.

4. They Met Someone Else

Yep, people could do that. They meet someone new. Still not so sure about them, so they put the brakes on with you, in order to date the other person and see how things will work out. If it is good, hurray, if not, you’re still there as their safety net.

5. They Are Going Through A Tough Time

We all have problems, but some people’s problems are a bit too much, so they hate to drag someone else with them into their mess. It doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t want your help or support. They might just feel guilty about upsetting you or ruining your life.

6. They Are Insecure

Your partner doesn’t feel like they are good enough for you; this mostly happens due to insecurities on their part. They let that get the best of them. So instead of waiting for you to break things up, they ask for space to reduce the pain they will endure from the break up.

7. They Are Changing Their Life

This is an actual thing. People suddenly feel like they are not satisfied with their life, so they decide to rebel against it. They need time to sort out what they like and what they hate about their life. This is why they ask for a break or some space until they see where you stand in their new life.